Some products in the recalled oil: a warning from the Ministry of Health

    Some products in the recalled oil: a warning from the Ministry of Health

    Eliminate some very common canned fish: Watch out for these products in oil.

    The product, branded Mareblu, is related to some of the preserves most beloved by Italians.

    Yes, it relates anchovy fillets in olive oil and marblo extra virgin olive oil, pulled from the shelves of many supermarkets in recent days.

    Recalls of Mariblo chips: details

    The Producer It is marketed under the company name Mareblu srl, But it is produced Conocrio Group Compagnia Americana de Conservas SAC

    To identify the plant, reference must be made to the sector headquarters Mogote Grande s / n San Andreas, Ica, Peru. The Brand name to get to know him Establishment he is P184 -and- CMAE.

    For the identification of goods withdrawn, see i lot numbers.

    In particular, I was pulled over Sliced ‚Äč‚Äčanchovies fero sapori in extra virgin olive oil with group number:

    • 0000368375to be consumed by 10/12/2023;
    • 0000357182Consume by 09/15/2023.

    What’s more, the classic anchovy fillet has also been pulled with olive oil with group number:

    • 0000368373;
    • 0000364577;
    • 0000357181.

    This retired lottery It will expire on 10/8/2023 and 09/14/2023.

    Regarding the weight of the withdrawn product, the net weight and the drained net weight should be indicated. In particular, one net equals 90g. While the strainer net, 48g.

    Reason for withdrawal

    Notice of non-consumption of the above-mentioned batches comes directly from the Ministry of Health.
    In particular, the Ministry recommends that products identified in this way be returned to the store that sold them, even if you no longer have the purchase receipt. Even without the purchase receipt, the amounts spent to purchase the product will still be refunded.

    The reasons for the withdrawal can be found in the notice posted on the Ministry of Health website, which states this The above batches may contain a higher level of histamine To the extent permitted by law.

    Foods High in Histamine: What Are Their Risks?

    The symptoms The most annoying things that can arise after eating foods high in histamine range from palpitation to tag redness in the face
    In poorly stored foods, histamine levels increase, accelerating their degradation process.

    For example, think of meat or fish that has been left out of the refrigerator for too long.

    In addition to the above symptoms, you can eat foods that contain high levels of histamine Headache, fatigue, hot flashes, vomiting and nausea.

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