Some are worth gold, others are scams

    Some are worth gold, others are scams

    In this period of strong increases that have put families in crisis, even supermarkets are under pressure and are coming up with interesting promotions.

    People are afraid of increases and have reduced consumption to a minimum. This is the taste Because inflation has made families poorer and everything is getting worse.

    Then it happens that some shopkeepers and some supermarkets devised bonuses and promotions to attract customers. But be careful because not all of them are valid.

    Shopping vouchers worth gold

    In fact, there are special Facebook pages that collect excellent shopping coupons and also on WhatsApp users often exchange the most useful coupons among themselves.

    With shopping vouchers, you can save a lot if the offer is valid. But the problem is that in addition to valid shopping vouchers, there are also fraudulent vouchers and in this period they operate them correctly The WhatsApp. But there is one to watch out for and one that spins a lot.

    Target supermarket

    The supermarket that runs a WhatsApp discount coupon shuffle is its own store long S. The famous supermarket chain celebrates its sixty-five years at this time, and therefore in theory, it would have launched a rich campaign of shopping vouchers to celebrate. This is tempting for users but you have to be careful. Indeed, when we receive an Esselunga shopping voucher on WhatsApp, we must be very careful.

    Your friends are the ones who get you in trouble

    Effective way Since it is a viral campaign, some friends will surely send you an Esselunga voucher thus more confidenceYou will be tempted to give this rich coupon, but if we repeat a lot of coupons on the internet they are very valid, it is not true. Let’s see how it works. Using the famous name Esselunga This voucher indicates a questionnaire to be filled out, at the end of which you will be asked to pay a fee To take advantage of these promotions and get the discount at home.

    Not only Esselunga

    Unfortunately, this type of supermarket coupon scam is common a lot and it’s not just Esselunga that ends up in the crosshairs of scammers. So it is important to understand how to behave. If you find an interesting shopping coupon or if you got it via WhatsApp, it’s a good idea to check the supermarket’s website Whether or not the promotion actually exists. This way we will take advantage of the good ones and avoid the most fraudulent ones.

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