«Soliti ignoti», the most watched entertainment program of the season- Corriere.it

    «Soliti ignoti», the most watched entertainment program of the season- Corriere.it
    From Aldo Grasso

    Amadeus’ game show on Rai1, right after the 20 news, garnered an average of 5 million viewers.

    Last week also ended the eleventh edition of “Soliti Ignoti”, the game show that crossed the middle of a thousand episodes on the air (the first, June 11, 2007), it was confirmed as the most-watched Rai1 entertainment of the season (excluding only events such as “Il Festival”). di Sanremo” and “Eurovision Song Contest”, of course).

    On average, there were nearly five million spectators From this program that airs daily from September to June.

    This is steadily less than 21% of the entire audience, set between Tg1 and the onset of prime time, to search for identities and a “fuzzy relative” (a new feature introduced with the restart of the program in 2017). As we know, primetime access (between 8.30 pm and 9.15 pm) is especially strategic for television networks, especially for major networks, and providing them with “robust” programming is of great importance.

    The audience of the program managed by Amadeus is completely browser: reflects, first and foremost, the characteristics of the network, with a strong female presence (24.5% share of women, more than three points more than average), and an audience over 65 (about 31% share on target).

    But we also find a good presence of young groupswith a share of over 15% among people aged 15-24 and about 14% among people aged 25-34.

    The introduction of the game “Mysterious Relative” led to the construction of a pinnacleWhich sometimes reached eight million spectators. At the regional level, Rai1 works best in the central and southern regions of the country, with peaks especially in the south (eg with a 30% share in Basilicata, over 26% in Sicily and Puglia).

    In collaboration with Massimo Scaglioni, Geca Italia explains the data for Auditel

    Jun 11, 2022 (changed Jun 11, 2022 | 19:35)

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