Solar storm on Earth: ‘We risk running out of internet’

    Solar storm on Earth: 'We risk running out of internet'

    She is on alert even today for one solar storm In progress, which may lead to inconvenience to communications and the Internet.

    To sound the alarm a few days ago was NoahWhich National Oceanic and Atmospheric AdministrationWhich announced in one of its last bulletins the beginning of the phenomenon on July 19.

    Solar storms are temporary disturbances in the Earth’s magnetosphere, caused bysolar activity. In the case of the phenomenon that affects us these days, it was the coronal mass ejection (Cme) that caused it. The CME, explained by NASA, can be seen as of “Huge bubbles of radiation and particles from the Sun explode into space at very high speed when the Sun’s magnetic field lines suddenly rearrange.”. According to Noaa, the risk of R1-R2 blackout is about 45%.

    This massive flare, directed at our planet, could have consequences both on and over the power grid Communications satellite radio. Not only the Internet, radio communications or GPS signals are affected, but also railways, for example.

    It’s not just an inconvenience malfunctions, In any case. The emitted radiation and particles can actually also manifest in the form of gorgeous aurora borealis, which can be seen at different altitudes.

    Experts explained that the first anomalies were recorded around July 15, and then reached the real storm. From the 15th date, in fact, astronomers have been observing the activity of the Sun.

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