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Solar storm, Internet at risk across the Earth: expert opinion


Successive disturbances on radio waves of the Indian subcontinent. But what consequences could a solar storm of exceptional strength bring?

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If it was a science fiction movie, it might have brought Armageddon. In the real world, an M1 class solar flare. 6, brings much closer but, in some ways, equally visionary consequences. On October 9, the Sun shot a cloud of highly electromagnetic charged particles toward Earth, coming from sunspots. It is located in the AR2882 area of ​​our star. That is, right in front of the globe. Expert estimates assumed that the flight would take about two days, and therefore at supersonic speeds, with the possibility of approaching the Earth’s atmosphere between October 11 and 12.

In practice, a solar storm, according to experts, can cause a serious problem for an essential component of our society. Indeed, the future of the Internet will be at stake. Lightning has already been “caught” by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory According to experts, this partially ionized the atmosphere of our planet, which caused the first inconvenience. That is, shortwave radio dimming in the region of the Indian subcontinent. The result is a sudden drop in frequencies below 25 MHz, especially for devices carried on aircraft and ships, as well as on local frequencies.

Solar storm, what are the risks in Europe

Only India was the first to deal with the problem. In fact, in the next few hours, a solar storm can cause magnetic auroras all over the planet, even New York. Experts are trying to estimate the effects, realizing that the sun is about to enter its maximum activity, i.e. the maximum sun, which occurs within eleven years of its cycle. Technically, we’re not experiencing anything new. Storms of this type often emit from the sun, but they are often events without consequences. In any case, some of the most serious accidents throughout history have been reported. And in the event that a solar storm reaches the equator, a tech catastrophe is on the cusp.

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For example, in 1859, Carrington Storm produced northern lights of historic proportions and telegraph interruptions for more than half a day. And in earlier times, events of greater magnitude were documented. It must be said that compared to a few centuries ago, protective measures have been taken, such as undersea cables between the United States and Europe, while Galileo GPS satellite system It is noteworthy that it is highly resistant to this type of shock. It is clear that a storm of extreme force will lead to unpredictable consequences. Most shocking is the complete blackout of all electrical job equipment on the ground. In addition to any inconvenience to aircraft and any other means equipped with electrical devices. The danger is there.

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