Sol et Salus Hospital, rehabilitation medicine can now count on a new “smart” gym

    Sol et Salus Hospital, rehabilitation medicine can now count on a new

    The new outpatient rehabilitation gym, Move Different, is inaugurated in the accredited private hospital Sol et Salus: 400 square meters created with the latest technologies in rehabilitation and organized and managed by specialized physiotherapists able to immerse themselves in the whole tradition of Sol et Salus Traditional rehabilitation, technology and a holistic approach to the full participation of the patient.

    “Our ambition is to lead the hospital toward a gradual change that sees rehabilitation medicine based on objective data and where rehabilitation processes are documented and measured by outcomes; In practice, we want to align ourselves with the model that has been approved for years and internationally recognized by the team made up of physiologists, engineers, physiotherapists and neuro-orthopedists at the Sol et Salus movement analysis laboratory. Vacari.

    Here research and technology come together for a new concept of health: in fact, every patient can be tested with TecnoBody technology to verify in real time and objectively the state of health, capacity and specific motor deficits before embarking on their own personal path of recovery, whether it be in The field of orthopedics, the field of motor neurology or in rehabilitation, with systems that respond to the latest scientific evidence.

    “We chose to create a gymnasium equipped with all the necessary spaces for traditional rehabilitation and for advanced technological rehabilitation designed and produced by TecnoBody based in Bergamo, one of the world leaders in this type of production”, continues Matteo Vacari .

    Sol et Salus embarks on a new path where, i2C4A7975Aligned with its history, it places the patient, the person, at the center. Technology, human approach, sensitivity, empathy, communication are the founding principles of the model that combines daily clinical activity with research.

    Sol et Salus was established in 1949 as a Rehabilitation Center of the Ministry of Health to provide medical, surgical and rehabilitation care. In 1978, with the introduction of the National Health Service, Sol et Salus was recognized as a Medical and Rehabilitation Nursing Home and in 1996 the Emilia-Romagna region accredited the hospital to the National Health Service for 140 beds in the specialties of Physical Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation. Since 2001 Sol et Salus has been certified for intensive care with a high rehabilitation value and since 2003 for general and orthopedics. The services offered are complemented by highly specialized ophthalmology and neurorehabilitation specialties.

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