So armies challenge each other in video games

    So armies challenge each other in video games

    The second edition of the Export Championship was held on December 11th Call of Duty Stop Bowl (CODE). It is a charitable event that witnesses the participation of members of the US and British military forces to raise funds for the occupation of veterans. Marking this second edition focused on Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, and for the first time ever, all five military branches of the United States Department of Defense participated through their export teams, including Space power, Which is a unit of the US armed forces responsible for all space operations and cyberspace.

    To achieve victory in the final match against the RAF was the Space Force, whose members were Technical Sgt Josh Wilson And the chief pilot Bryden Belfordla, They are trained by professional players and “HusKerrs” and “Symfuhny” players. Generally speaking, every team participating in the CODE Bowl is entrusted with training its members to professional esports sports players. At the end of the competition they were collected $ 900,000: Almost double the first release of 2019. Josh Wilson commented on the experience: “I’ve worked in the military for 12 years and never imagined I’d get the chance to represent my service on the world stage while sharing one of my favorite hobbies, video games.”

    The Space Force’s victory in the 2020 CODE Bowl still resonates with the US esports scene because on March 4, the Air Force formally introduced the Military Unit Team dedicated to space and cyberspace: The Space Force team is represented by the Director of Security. Jay Raymond And the first sergeant Roger TobermanThey both appeared with the competition cup winning, in full view. This is a significant event, as it gives a glimpse of the prevalence of esports and competitive video games in regions with external influence, such as the military.

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