Skoda: With the current Euro 7 legislation, 3,000 jobs are at risk

    Skoda: With the current Euro 7 legislation, 3,000 jobs are at risk

    It’s not just the issue of turning off the heat sinks from the year 2035 that has taken over the scene in recent weeks. Even the new Euro 7 law is causing a lot of discussion not only in the political world but also in the car manufacturers. To sound a fresh alarm about the consequences of new and stricter legislation on polluting emissions for the automotive sector entering into force, consider this Martin JanMember of the Board of Directors Skodain a televised debate.

    As reported by Reuters, the manager said in the case legislation Finally approved with the current structureSkoda may have having to close the factory Why should you stop producing models like Fabia, Scala and Kamiq. All of this translates into one 3,000 jobs lost from work. Martin Jan adds that, including all related industries, there will be about 10,000 jobs in the Czech Republic at risk due to Euro 7.

    This is not the first time that an affiliate of a car manufacturer has sounded an alarm about the consequences of Euro 7. In the past, several manufacturers have already warned that modification costs cars to the new standard It will be very high. Investments that would take precious resources out of the electrification process would be useless given the EU’s goal of ending the sale of endothermic cars by 2035.

    As we have seen recently, some EU countries that have expressed doubts about Euro 7, including Italy, have come together to draft proposals to amend legislation. For these countries, new legislation on emissions could also increase car prices, slowing vehicle fleet renewal.

    For its part, the European Union has declared that the Euro 7 proposal is ambitious but not far-fetched. The Euro 6 law dates back to 2012 and since then car manufacturers have taken several steps forward and cars are already close to the levels of the new Euro 7 regulation.

    Luca de Meo has also intervened in the past in this debate, in the role of number one in ACEA, the European Automobile Manufacturers Association, who also emphasized the dangers of an increase in car prices due to Euro 7. The increases they would have discouraged. People buy new models, which slows down the turnover of the vehicle fleet.

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