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Six Nations, Ireland and Wales rebellion against black lives: There is no knee on Earth

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Monthly national precedence over newsstands

ROME, FEBRUARY 15 – The “rebels” of Ireland and Wales in the International Rugby Championship of the Six Nations: The two teams, who took to the field on February 7, in the Principality Stadium in Cardiff, competed bravely. Refusal to kneel to honor the question of black lives.

Rebel squads from the Six Nations

to me mentioned Give IrishPost – And photographic evidence confirms this – every player belongs to both squadsI stayed standing while the stadium’s sound system broadcast the obligatory anti-racism message In support of the movement that monopolized sport, entertainment and culture after George Floyd’s death. A gesture that follows what happened during the Six Nations match England and Scotland14 of the 30 players lining up on the field decided not to succumb to the anti-racist Fargate. And according to Savannah Radio’s Twitter account, the action was Azzurian rugby players repeated it in the match against England.

In short, the sports world is increasingly divided over the opportunity to make this gesture, gA growing number of highly divisive athletes judge her And the bearer of not solidarity but subordination to the “values” of black life is important. The values ​​they express more and more Racial hatred is in the opposite direction, that is, against whites.

Even the immigrant refuses to kneel

Even the original rugby player Tongyan Billy Funibola refused to kneel on Saturday, criticizing the BLM party for “burning churches and Bibles.” Funibola refers to plunder and Destruction of the rebellious anger That characterized the protests that erupted last summer in the United States (and beyond). “The actions Blm has taken are not in keeping with what I believe in,” Funibola told Podcast. Good and bad and rugby. Said Director of Scotland Gregor Townsend of To “100%” support the decision of its players not to kneel. For its part, Rugby Football Association (Rfu) supports the right of choice for players to be able to kneel or not to kneel in the Six Nations Championship.

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Taliban antecedents against racism

In the past year, the pressures of “black lives matter” in the Six countries proved to be a problem. The movement activists have already tried Ban the popular song for English audiences Low swing, sweet cart, Because the author was “a freed slave in nineteenth century Oklahoma.” But the anti-racism heroes remained idly by: 69% of rugby fans expressed their willingness to continue singing the national anthem. With all due respect to the Taliban.

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