Home sport Six clubs tarnished the prime minister’s reputation

Six clubs tarnished the prime minister’s reputation

Six clubs tarnished the prime minister's reputation

Liverpool (UK) – L ‘Everton Expresses through a press release Deep bitterness about the new Superleja project, Among other things by Ben Six clubs participate in the Premier League (Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham and Chelsea). And it was stated on the official website of the Liverpool club:Everton is sad and disappointed to see proposals for a breakaway league presented by six clubs. Six clubs are operating entirely for their own benefit. Six clubs tarnished the league and the match. Six clubs have chosen to disrespect all the other clubs that sit with them in the Premier League. Six clubs are taken for granted and even They betray most of our football fans And not only. ” In this time of national and international crisis – and a crucial period for the game – clubs must work together cooperatively with the ideals of our game and their backers at the fore. Instead, these clubs secretly conspired to break away from the football pyramid that had served them so well.

Superlega, a replica of Klopp while playing Gary Neville

Everton, Call to Britain’s “Big Six”: “No Superlega! You are the keepers of the game”

“In this pyramid, Everton revives every club, whether it is Leicester City, Accrington Stanley, Gillingham, Lincoln City, Morecambe, Southend United, Notts County and others who, by virtue of their existence, have influenced the lives of their fans throughout the history of the game … and vice versa.” The press release continues: Self-styled Super Six appears intent on excommunicating the fans of the game, Including their own, jeopardizing our love’s core gameplay infrastructure. The backlash is understandable, deserved, and must be heardHe doesn’t want ridiculous arrogance anywhere in football outside of clubs Who drafted this plan. On behalf of all those associated with Everton, we respectfully request that the proposals be withdrawn immediately and that the private confrontations and disruptive practices that brought our beautiful game to the lowest possible level of confidence come to an end now. ” An appeal addressed above all to the owners of the six participating teams: Finally, we ask the owners, chairmen and board members of the six clubs to remember the privileged position they occupy, not just how Guardians of their clubs as well as custodians of the game. The responsibility they bear must be taken very seriously. We invite them all to think about what they want their legacy to be. “

Premier League, tough challenge from Leeds in the Liverpool match against Liverpool

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Everton CEO: “Big Six without principles of sportsmanship and merit.”

In addition to the Merseyside press release, there’s also the Dale Everton CEO, Dennis Barrett-Baxendale: “As the proud goalkeeper of Everton, my fellow board members and I understand the responsibility we have to uphold the traditions of your club and the game of football.Everton Football Club was a founding member of the Football League And a founding member of the Premier League. Throughout our history the club has always tried to push both Everton and football in general, but we’ve always done it inside Parameters of hierarchical structure that maintain principles of open competition and sporting merit. Unfortunately, the plans announced by 12 clubs across Europe – and you are in the Premier League – do not maintain these principles. In this time of national crisis – facing a global pandemic and a crucial time for football – the clubs must work cooperatively together with the ideas and supporters of our game in our minds. ” Barret-Baxendale continues: “Denying the fans voting rights throughout the game and undermining the pyramid structure that forms the basis of the game we love is simply wrong. The response of the votes during the match and beyond during the past 48 hours is understandable and these voices must be heard. Rest assured, I will do with my fellow members.” the Council Everything is possible to ensure that our position on these proposals is formulated in the strongest possible terms – And for Everton’s voice to be heard loud and clear. ”

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