Sinner, Shevchenko and that fatal blonde: it happened in Australia

    Sinner, Shevchenko and that fatal blonde: it happened in Australia

    The sinner, the doomed was Kangaroo Land: who’s the gorgeous curvy blonde who’s an ordinary couple with the Russian Shevchenko.

    We wish we could say that Yannick Sinner He won his first Romanian match and after that victory was lauded by a adoring crowd. The truth is that he won, yes, but the audience present did not give him the applause he deserved. And not because his fan base wasn’t warm, but just because the stands weren’t packed.


    Blame it, according to social media folks, on the “crazy” ticket prices. To attend its debut in Foro Italico it was necessary to pay at least 90 euros – for the cheapest segment – and not everyone, nowadays, can afford such an expense. Let’s just hope, at this point, that Round 32 goes better. South Tyrol is number 1 in Italy and it would be really nice if the stands were at least full when he plays, owner and third favorite to win according to the bookmakers.

    Yannick will have to argue, this time, against Alexander Shevchenkoopponent against whom Matthew BerettiniLast March, I crashed a Challenger in Phoenix. On that occasion, the Romanian, exhausted by the disappointing results of 2023, had begged coach Vincenzo Santopadre to remove him from the field because – he shouted at the top of his lungs – “can not be seen“.

    For Sener there is Maria, for Shevchenko there is Anna

    It could have been worse in terms of the draw, but it certainly cannot be said that the Russian is a competitor to be underestimated, on the contrary. Ask Daniil Medvedev, who had to sweat so hard in Madrid to beat him, how annoying the Rostov-on-Don native can be.


    Which also has something in common with Sinner, which is one Clear passion for blondes. The young South Tyrolean is a steady couple Maria Braccini, who plays tennis for fun, not for business. The Russian who would try to halt his Foro Italico career is instead with a professional tennis player, The Fabulous Anna Potapova. The two citizens have known each other since they were nine years old, but only realized they were in love a few months ago.

    She had already been linked, in the past, to another champion in the ring, the Australian Alex de Minor. And he, too, coincidentally: before Anna’s implosion in his life, he dated Katie Boulter. The passion between the two old friends had exploded, according to rumours, during the season at Kangaroo Land. They haven’t separated since then.

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