Home Economy Simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products

Simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products

Simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products

The oven ishousehold appliance Most appreciated after a washing machine, it is the best ally for anyone who loves to get their hands on recipes and preparations. Often, due to their use, it happens that they are filled with food debris or grease.

It is not recommended to use a dirty oven, as it may have negative effects on cooking and health. However, cleaning this device can often be a real shock due to the stubborn dirt that has built up.

To avoid turning something but a routine into a tragedy, it will be important to find solutions. In fact, there are several ways to clean an oven that include using only chemicals and natural products.

Simple tricks to make the oven shine using natural products.

Water and vinegar

one of Methods Many people prefer cleaning the oven without using chemicals to use two simple ingredients: water and vinegar. Together, water and vinegar turns into a true degreaser that can be used in many daily cleaning operations.

Before you start cleaning the oven, you must remember to remove the shelves, which must be washed separately under running water. For the rest of the oven, it will be necessary to continue using the water-vinegar mixture manually.

Before starting cleaning, it will be useful to heat the oven to 140 degrees for a few minutes. Meanwhile, pour a cup of water into a saucepan and bring it to a boil before adding the vinegar.

At this point, the water and vinegar mixture should be placed in the oven for about twenty minutes. This will allow the steam from the heat to settle on the peels to soften them.

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Once they are soft, they will be easier to remove, you will need to turn off the oven and let it cool. Once it cools down, proceed to remove the crusts from the oven which will return to the shine, as they were just purchased.

Coca Cola

Another trick to make your oven shine with natural products is to use Coca Cola. In fact, Coca Cola is ideal for degreasing oven trays which often wear out quickly due to grease and grease.

To clean these trays, pour the drink inside and then turn the oven on at 200 degrees and let it evaporate. Once it evaporates, the oven should be turned off and allowed to cool before you begin removing the grease with a sponge or using a toothbrush.

Here simple tricks are revealed to make the oven shine using natural products.

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