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Silvia, Marche’s voice in the world with Radios of the United States, Argentina, Belgium and Australia

Silvia, Marche's voice in the world with Radios of the United States, Argentina, Belgium and Australia

Ancona – computer teacher by profession. Radio Reporter about Passion. Silvia Tamborello born in Ancona is the voice of Marche in the world. He has collaborations with broadcasters in four international countries: the United States, Argentina, Belgium and Australia. And in all of them he’s been in contact with the migratory march communities for generations.

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The mission: to inform Marky and his privacy to far-off people. And he might even make them known to those who haven’t been there yet. is not it?
“Exactly. We say about the deep bond that unites societies around the world with their land of origin. For everyone, it is a healthy rope that keeps many immigrants united with the cultural roots of their country of origin.”

But how did you find yourself characteristic of the union?
“As often happens with certain stories, it all started by chance. I was also a Marcus in the world, because I lived five years with my family in New York. And I expressed myself all the feelings experienced by those who find themselves leaving their countries for work. ”

And what happened in New York?
“I met the Italian schoolteacher Josephine Maita. A very dynamic woman, she shared with me a series of events that had Italy at heart. Later I meet another Italian-American, Anthony Pascual from Icn Radio. I worked with him until 2014. Then I returned to Italy. ‘ At that point? “I felt that something inside me had changed. This experience of life in New York touched me a lot. In 2016, I was called by Josephine, who meanwhile started a radio show called” Sabato Italiano. From there it all started. “

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I started working as a reporter from abroad. Through telephone connections, she interfered with the transmission by building a bridge between Marche and New York. The story of this wonderful region began with many voices. ”

Was there a topic that started Marky’s story?
“Yes, of course. Fate wanted that in that year we suffered from the terrible earthquake that we all witnessed. So I seized the opportunity to relaunch the territory and promote it abroad.”

What did he say to the Americans at that juncture?
You should know that Americans are very pragmatic. They were the ones who told me, “What can we do for you?” My answer was very simple: keep talking about us, don’t abandon us. ”

How did you grow your international network of cooperation?
“Through the networks of the Marche communities around the world, I met Javier Lucca from CNN Argentina. Mother of Chiaravalle. I run the “Voce alla Radio” program with him every Saturday.

Then again Belgium and Australia. But what interests your listeners the most?
It is clear that they are linked to Italian culture and traditions. Thus, an in-depth study of our lands’ kitchen is never lost. But tourist destinations are also among the main themes. We recently talked about the Frasassi caves, for example. Little by little, we allow those who listen to us to discover the entire Marche region. ”

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