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Silksong, Cherry’s team talks about their next game – Nerd4.life

Silksong, Cherry's team talks about their next game - Nerd4.life

Looking forward to launching Hollow Knight: SilkSongAnd the Cherry team Talk to EDGE about what an Next game From the studio once work on the current project is complete.

As we know, Hollow Knight: Silksong isn’t finished developing yet, but it looks like the Australian team has already thrown some insights for the future. What are they thinking?

Well there’s a project on the horizon that it’s not about Hollow Knight, Which has been sidelined for some time. “With that, I think we’ll be happy to give her some time,” said co-directors Ari Gibson and William Beilin.

“At the moment it is just documentation, but it gets enriched once the team has a new idea. A good starting point: The project is there and something is being added month after month.”

“Making a game other than Hollow Knight is not much different: they are like big worlds in which we can move, learn about characters, and go on an adventure. Maybe the formula changes because we don’t hold a sword, but after that the experience is somewhat the same. Maybe the protagonists will not have All these trumpets. “

“Who knows, we might learn not to create anything Settings Very vast. I wonder what will happen: I think it is probably impossible, but we can try. “

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