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‘Silent Night’ Lively Christmas Dinner at TIFF

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Keira Knightley NS Lily Rose Depp They are the heroes of the director’s debut Camille Griffin A quiet nightAnd which, al Quarrel, tells of an eventful Christmas dinner for a family in the countryside.

what is he talking about A quiet night Presented in TIFF

A welcoming home in the English countryside. The tree was decorated with love. A big banquet is being prepared. from the sound system Michael Buble Singing about Christmas sweaters. Nile (la Candata all’Oscar Keira Knightley), Simon (Matthew Good) and their friend art (Roman Griffin Davis, star del Grolsch People’s Choice Award vincitore del TIFF ’19 jojo rabbit) ready to welcome friends and family for what promises to be the perfect Christmas reunion. Perfect except for one thing: everyone will die.

First appearance in “Comedy”

A pitch black comedy, rooted in artfully designed characters and sarcastic observations about class and social order, writer-director debut Camille Griffin The most beautiful night of the year blends with the apocalypse as we know it. A toxic cloud descends over the United Kingdom. Extinction is imminent. Video clips Youtube They show pictures of people bleeding from their eyes and ears. However, even in this hour of intense horror, happy announcements are made, quarrels break out, people dance, and ordinary fantasies follow each other.

ideas A quiet night

echo elements last evening NS Peter’s friendsAnd A quiet night The Quarrel It blends ceremonial frivolity with the existential angst of high entertainment. A collection of lovable and often funny performances of its star cast – which also includes Annabelle Wallis, Kirby Howell Baptist, Lily-Rose Depp (Also at the festival in Wolf), Lucy Bunch, NS Thank you DariusA quiet night It gives us reasons to toast the human soul…even when the end is near.

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