“Sickness woke up but I don’t give up”


    A few days ago Polizzi went to the hospital to make gods

    Routine check-ups

    , but they did not go well. Now, he said, he’ll have to go back to treatments to try and stop the disease.

    “This morning I too passed by”

    blue door

    ‘ (Neurology Department Entrance, soHe wrote on Instagram. A door I’ve crossed several times in the past four years. Sometimes I would cross it with a happy heart because I knew it would lead me better, and sometimes my heart was in my mouth because I had to find out the results of some tests. I also crossed it with tired legs and shortness of breath from fatigue. This blue door has seen a thousand sides from me. He saw me in a wheelchair and then limping but he also saw me jumping, and he saw me with a happy, hopeful belly. He would sometimes see me with eyes full of tears, but most of the time he would see me smiling nonstop. These days I will cross them every morning because

    Looks like the bastard has woken up


    Georgette will now have to get cortisone injections to “put her back to sleep,” but she has no intention of giving up. This morning, unlike other times, I passed through the ‘blue door’ thinking about my little girl and the fact that I would win as always but not for me,

    This time I will win for her


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