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Shocking, 5 thousand copies… “I’ve never seen it before” – Libero Quotidiano

Shocking, 5 thousand copies...

Strange and painful case, case 9 thousand racing pigeons that left from Peterborough, Neil CambridgeshireA trip to the northeast should have taken about three hours. The point is that among those nine thousand pigeons About 5 thousand are missing. The group of birds was part of an event organized across Great Britain in which 250,000 birds, flown from 50 different places, participated.

Thousands, as mentioned, are missing. burnt to Richard Searcy, Breeder, takes it out on Facebook: “One of the worst days in our historyThe return trip was from About 270 kmSimple homing pigeon path. But something strange clearly happened.

Experts say they are sure of it geomagnetic storm I confused them, although the weather forecast was favorable. The point is, pigeon racing They usually navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field as a kind of “satellite navigator.”, which may have been distorted by strong activity on the Sun that caused the geomagnetic storm.

This is just a hypothesis. The fact is that experts have never encountered such a phenomenon before. Cyrus always spends himself on appeal: “There is a possibility that someone will find a pigeon in their garden. Please don’t ignore it, give it water and seeds to help him on his way. “It is not difficult to identify the birds of that group, as they all had a ring around their legs.

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