She is 92 years old –

    She is 92 years old -
    From Simona de Sero

    Giuseppina Larria lived in the province of Novara. Another person with symptoms in the Vercelli area

    Piedmont communicates The first victim to die of Nile fever caused by West Nile. It is located around An elderly woman over the age of ninety, Giusepina Laria, residing in the province of Novara, where the experimental Zooprophylactic Institute in Piedmont, Liguria and the Aosta Valley has begun examining 6 mosquito ponds and today, Thursday, July 21, I will confirm in that area, given that the virus is spreading in vectors, among mosquitoes from the area in progress, already explained by Maria Caramelli, from a laboratory monitoring Emerging Diseases at the Zooprophylactic Institute, that a small epidemic of West Nile was clarified yesterday. Just like Covid, Nile fever is also more aggressive towards the elderly and the frail.

    The second person found infected in Piedmont resides in the province of Vercelli. At the moment, no cases of infection with animals or mosquitoes have been reported. West Nile fever is a disease caused by West Nile Virus (Wnv), a virus of the family Flaviviridae that was first isolated in 1937 in Uganda, specifically in the West Nile region (from which it takes its name) and is now widespread in Africa, Western Asia, Europe and Australia And America – explains Istituto Superiore di Sanit on the official website dedicated to epidemiology -. The virus is not transmitted from person to person by contact with infected people, but it also infects other mammals, especially horses, but in some cases it also affects dogs, cats, rabbits, etc. Fortunately, most sufferers have no symptoms at all, and only 1% of those infected experience the most severe symptoms.

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