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Shadows die twice in Questa mod – Multiplayer.it

Shadows die twice in Questa mod - Multiplayer.it

Roger “Rodin” Blades Of Ashina, Prof. Special amendment From Dark Souls 3 Which perfectly fixes the style and speed of the software. In fact, Al Moder has considered adding moves and weapons Sekiro: Shadows die twice To the 2016 PC version of the game.

In fact, work on the model has been around since June 2020, but Roger “Rodin” Nordhuisen took a few more months to perfect his creativity. You can Download la mod di Dark Souls 3 Blades by Ashina a this is the address.

The mod not only adds weapons from the latest production to the program, but also tunes Move group Available to the hero. With each new update, Rogier “Rhodan” Noordhuizen adds new weapons and new moves, gradually introducing all the abilities of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice inside Dark Souls 3.

There are currently 9 weapons available, and according to their creator, these are completely integrated into the game. In the future of this interesting situation, there may be bloodborne weapons, provided that Roger “Rodin” Nordhuisen Find a way to enter it equally within souls.

From Video Posted on Twitter by the author, you can see some of the weapons and moves introduced in action. What is your opinion?

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