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Second black Google employee

Second black Google employee

Google's headquarters in Mountain View, California is pictured in this May 4, 2004 photo.

Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California is pictured in this May 4, 2004 photo.
Photo: David Paul Morris (Getty Images)

When April Christina Curley went to bed the night of September 10, you probably didn’t think she’d wake up the next morning and be unemployed at Google. But that is exactly what happened.

to me NBC NewsCurly announced in The Twitter topic is now viral On Monday, she was fired from her role as a diversity recruiter with the tech giant even though she was “the most successful recruiter for them” in their company’s history.

Curley, who initially appeared in 2014 to help improve relationships between Google and black colleges and universities (HBCUs), says that before her role – the company never hired anyone from HBCU to work in a technical role. And can anyone here guess why?

Yes, you guessed it. Racism.

Curley then went on to uncover a series of unfair and biased recruitment practices that she felt were disproportionately targeting students from HBCU, including “sorting” student resumes with “unfamiliar” school / university names, and leaving completely insulting and demeaning comments to students that would result in The end to the rejection at the recruitment committee stage, and the questioning of students in interviews about the quality of the computer science curriculum they were taking at HBCU, criticizing it for “not meeting the standards” compared to the “elite” of white institutions. “

Curly wrote in one tweet: “The reason Google didn’t place a student at HBCU right after graduation into one of their major engineering roles is because they didn’t believe the talent was in these institutions – until I attended.”

During her tenure at the company, Curley insists that she defended tirelessly on behalf of HBCU students despite being met with backlash from her superiors. And through backlash, it means promotion and denial of leadership opportunities, cuts in compensation, making plans to improve performance despite great performance metrics, shouting at meetings and deliberately excluding them from meetings. A white manager even went so far as to tell Curley that her Baltimore accent was a handicap that had to be revealed to her peers. She feels all of this, which ultimately led to her ending her career with the company.

“I can write for days about alllllll the horrific racist recruitment and hiring practices I’ve seen on Google, with RECEIPTS,” Curley He added in a tweet. “Take it from ME – their most successful black QUEER WOMAN recruit they fired in the middle of the MF pandemic because they are tired of hearing me calling out to them racial nonsense.”

At this point, Google is running from 0 to 2 when it comes to its treatment (or rather abuse) of its black female employees. Advance in this month, Root You mentioned that the company was subject to scrutiny after news of the dismissal of another of its top officials, Tymnet Gibro. Gebro, who co-led Google’s ethical AI team, said Bloomberg It was fired by Google’s head of AI in response to an internal email asking the company to treat minority employees, particularly those identified as black and female.

NBC News notes this Google has yet to comment on these allegations.

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