Season 3 revealed, full list

    Season 3 revealed, full list

    CBS turned its attention to a bizarre reality show on Wednesday great race The entire cast revealed Famous Big BrotherThe next third season.

    The house’s 11 guest list (which you can explore in full below) includes a number of reality TV stars, including two former Real Housewives: Cynthia Bailey-Hill, DA Atlantaand Teddy Mellencamp, Da Beverly Hills.

    Elsewhere on the list, we got strange feature star frog bridges, SNL Scientist Chris Cotton, N*SYNC’s Chris Kirkpatrick and NBA star/ex-husband Kardashian Lamar O’Dam. Keep scrolling through the full list of competitors:

    * Cynthia Bailey Hill, Model /Real Housewives Stella
    * point bridges, strange feature Stella
    * Dodrik Hall, singer/choreographer/influencer
    * Chris Cotton, comedian /SNL Memebro del cast
    *Chris Kirkpatrick, cantante/N*Membro SYNC
    * Carson Gresley, Ain El-Sayyad Superstar/TV Personality
    * Teddy Mellenkamp, Real Housewives Stella
    * Shanna Mugler, Former Miss USA / Atreus / Reality Star
    * Mirai Nagasu, Olympic figure skater
    * Lamar Odam, former NBA player
    *Misha “Cupcake” Tate, former Campionesa of the Ultimate Fighting Championship

    Famous Big BrotherSeason three begins at 8/7c on Wednesday, February 2, and ends three weeks later on Wednesday, February 23. Previous releases aired in 2018 (Marissa Jared won the Vinokur season) and in 2019 (Brookston’s Destruction won unanimously).

    Discover the new guests in the house in this introduction video:

    what should I do ghee to do Famous Big BrotherDo you act this time? Weigh it with your first posts!

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