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Season 1 update available, with 120 fps mode and other news – Nerd4.life

Season 1 update available, with 120 fps mode and other news - Nerd4.life

Sea of ​​thievesIt, as it has already been announced for some time, is being updated today with the arrival of the seasons and especially withSeason 1 update, Which starts the new Rare cycle and also includes many new features, including 120fps mode.

The Correction Notes Dealing with a large number of developments and innovations applied to the game, starting with the new progression system it represents Loot corridor, This is a type of battle pass that places several consecutive objectives to gain items and rewards in a cosmetic order while capturing “fame”, or a type of experience / reputation that accumulates as you advance in the game.

This first season is linkedAlliance of TradersWhere we present a series of themed missions that allow us to increase our reputation and obtain various treasures and riches. The Plunder Pass can be bought for $ 10 and lasts 3 months, which is a 1 season extension.

behind Cosmetics group What’s more, there is also some news about the gameplay and game features: the most obvious one is Performance mode At 120 frames per second, allowing you to play at that level of fluidity with limited resolution of up to 1080p Xbox X Series.

Other changes are related to improvements applied to Communication in the ring And some interface variations that, for example, advise on crew composition based on the ships selected. Also provide a comprehensive list of Bug fixes And most of that relates to all areas of the game, so we refer you to Official Correction Notes for Season 1 to know more.

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A few days ago we also published the official video guide for the new seasonal system, after the new review of Sea of ​​Thieves written to mark its arrival on the Xbox Series X, which assesses the game in its entire evolutionary path.

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