Scudetto to Naples, Naples in London preparing to party: “We will conquer Leicester Square”

    Scudetto to Naples, Naples in London preparing to party: “We will conquer Leicester Square”

    The passion for the blue knows no bounds: there will be millions of Napoli fans outside Naples for the match that could earn Spalletti the historic third title they have been waiting for for 33 years.

    In London, Neapolitans will explode their joy into the streets after trying tam tam, thanks to social networks, which promise a blue wave that will color the center of Leicester Square. The idea, which instantly went viral, is now Dominic Imbota, 30 and a big fan of Naples, manager of a music brand and a gym in a five-star hotel who has lived in the English capital for six years. “I made this proposal to unite all the Neapolitan fans of London: what better chance to meet and get to know each other thanks to the Scudetto celebrations?” Domenico said out loud. Thus, his appeal was accepted within a few hours by about a thousand Neapolitans living in London.

    In fact, more than eight hundred subscriptions have been collected so far on the Whatsapp groupwhere everyone can participate and share their opinions on the initiatives of the Scudetto party.

    At first, Domenico wanted to celebrate this event with many other Neapolitans in the famous Piccadilly Circus; And with time, he realized that the boundless love for knitting could not be contained in a London square. Why then is the blue avalanche not being released in Leicester Square?

    “English law allows you to gather in the square – explains Domenico, who has already consulted the regulations in force – but we will be very careful to respect all the rules, because we have to show the English the best side of Napoli”.

    Domenico says that the idea was born on Monday immediately: “I wanted to go back to Naples to be able to watch the match, but the flights were very expensive. So I said to myself, Why don’t we throw a party in London, in the street, with a lot of my fellow citizens? The Neapolitan community in London is very much, and we don’t all know each other. And so I launched an appeal on social media, which quickly went viral.”

    Perfect strangers answered to the present, united by one passion: the blue wedding ring. Thus, within a few hours, donations were collected from the Neapolitan supporters residing in the English capital for banners, wreaths, and so on. Everyone agreed, from the texts that would appear on the banners to the slogans, a true blue flame in the heart of London.

    Street celebrations if Lazio do not win against Inter Milan. And where will they watch the game instead? “We’ll see you at a pizzeria, or at any rate an Italian.” “The Azzurri are also propagandists in the UK – says Domenico – everyone is shocked by his game and do nothing but compliment us Neapolitans”.

    So the call to sweep Leicester Square isn’t just for Azzurri fans: “The appeal is to all football fans in the world who love beautiful football,” Domenico concludes.

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