Scudetto party in Naples, where you can watch it on TV and in live

    Scudetto party in Naples, where you can watch it on TV and in live

    Live and TV broadcasts of the celebration in the city after the match: there are dozens of Italian and foreign TV stations in Naples.

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    there Neapolitan Scudetto party Obviously it will be a double: sporting certainty and that at the end of the tournament on June 4th. For the first, who will arrive depending on the results of the Azzurri national team and other teams in the Champions League region, there will be live broadcasts from several national and international broadcasters. Naples matches are broadcast by DAZN, and the party in the city will be entrusted to envoys from all over the world.

    From Sweden to Japan, from North Korea to Argentina, from Germany to the United Kingdom: the main networks are in the city documenting joy and celebrations like 1987 and 1990, from Piazza Plebiscito to Quartieri Spagnoli, from the Bronx of San Giovanni to the Teduccio in Posillipo. The masthead of Rai, Rainews and the three networks, plus SkyNews24 and Skysport had news reports on the city as they prepared for days.

    Canale 21, one of the main broadcasters in Campania, provided communications and specials:

    In Naples, the Scudetto party has already begun before the match. Packed trains, banners and music

    In the new high-tech studio of the “Napoli Campione”, all the heroes will take turns
    From the broadcaster’s sports programmes: Campania Sport, Super Sport, Napoli match.
    On stage the great Neapolitan heroes of all time, guests of entertainment and civil society,
    fan groups.
    Scheduled by the editorial staff at VG21 and VG21 Sport direct contacts with
    Diego Armando Maradona emissaries in hot spots of the city and the whole world
    The blue heart is beating strong.

    This will be Calcio Napoli’s first scudetto in the age of social networks: numerous accounts of personalities from the world of sports, entertainment, sports and news journalism are ready to document the city’s events, especially on Instagram and TikTok. However, there is an unknown factor: due to the huge influx in the street, it may be difficult to get a line for live broadcasts, an alarm that was thought of a few days ago also in light of the coordination of security means.

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