Scott Supertrack Amphib: The New Multi-Purpose Shoe

    Scott Supertrack Amphib: The New Multi-Purpose Shoe

    there The new all-purpose Supertrac Amphib shoe from SCOTT Features an all-new upper with drainage and protection for optimal wet running. Depends on Uniform radial sole From the Supertrac RC 2, the reference model for SCOTT athletes, the Supertrac Amphib is specifically designed for multisport use when in contact with water. Whether it’s steeplechasing, racing on dirt roads, steering or exploring coasts and rivers, the Supertrac Amphib will answer instantly.

    Discover the SCOTT Supertrac Amphib: the new multi-purpose shoe

    Radial traction

    with Compression outsole for traction and mud-shedding outsoleAmphib features lugs positioned with Radial Traction technology. These strategically placed lugs are able to rotate across the surface providing unparalleled traction in a 360-degree ball. The result is a technical running shoe that provides solid underfoot support as you run through streams and muddy trails. Developed on the basis of the Supertrac RC 2, the Supertrac Amphib has a diameter of 5 mm.

    Scott Supertrack Amphib: The New Multi-Purpose Shoe

    top hybrid

    Top features a Very robust and resistant structure which provides protection against rocks and roots. The net is lightweight yet strong Excellent exchange levels, so that the shoe drains quickly after immersion while avoiding remaining immersed in water. KPU placed over the grille adds to its protection and durability for off-road riding. The Supertrac Amphib weighs just 280 grams ($9 for the men).

    Scott Supertrack Amphib: The New Multi-Purpose Shoe

    The boot at work

    Scott’s photo was taken Peak District, UK, showing the tested shoe in its ideal environment. It’s easy to find rugged and wet conditions in the Peak District, with swampy terrain and fording rivers. The SCOTT Supertrac Amphib has been enthusiastically received by SCOTT UK and international athletes who have tested it for miles on wild terrain, in the most varied conditions.


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