Scotland Ex-PM’s husband Nicola Sturgeon released after arrest: ‘But investigation continues’

    Scotland Ex-PM’s husband Nicola Sturgeon released after arrest: ‘But investigation continues’

    Peter Morell, husband of former Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, was released in the late afternoon after being arrested by Edinburgh police on the morning of Wednesday 5 April. Investigators said investigations into alleged financial irregularities in the management of the pro-independence SNP – of which he was chief executive until last month – were continuing, even if charges were not yet formalized. Last February, Sturgeon announced his choice to step down from his role as prime minister and leader of the SNP Independence Party (SNP).Scottish National Party). The former prime minister, who was replaced by Hamza Yusuf, explained that her resignation was mainly due to a state of fatigue and exhaustion. Sturgeon was guaranteed maximum co-operation “if requested” by the authorities, stating that he had been unaware of the investigation prior to his resignation.


    In recent weeks, the SNP has also been the subject of some investigations by the Scottish Police into the management of the £600,000 hoard of donations. Officially, this money was collected to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence. However, according to investigators, it could have been used to help the party cover some budget gaps and pay for the day-to-day activities of the organizational apparatus. Also on the list of suspects is Morrell, who until a few weeks ago served as managing director of the Scottish National Party.

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