SCIENZ @SCHOOL/US Neuroscience Project

    SCIENZ @SCHOOL/US Neuroscience Project

    In the latest issue of this journal, the author, known to readers for her long experience in teaching research, outlined the steps of the botany path that was carried out “from a distance” during the coronavirus emergency. Following this contribution, and on the occasion of the CSciTeach award given to her by the Royal Society in London, we asked her to deepen her reflection on the innovative meaning and educational value represented by an educational strategy such as STEM and PCTO. Emphasize that innovation in high school requires the teacher to be very rigorous in defining the steps for proposed action, in selecting resources, and in accompanying student learning. It gives good results when young people are enthusiastic and collaborate as champions.

    For more than twenty years, I have been creating and creating various and innovative projects in Neuroscience (brain science(for scientific secondary school students and teachers, innovative teaching paths, updated and reshaped over time in terms of content and use of new approaches and methodologies such as IBSE)Inquire about science-based education(within STEM disciplines)Science, engineering and mathematics). The ability to constantly teach the same young people over the different years allowed me to research, program, plan creatively and get results higher than expected due to the excellent participation and high quality of work done individually and in small students of different years of study.

    The most recent projects you have envisioned, History and Evolution of STEM Neuroscience in Modern High School, I realized thanks to the international experiences gained in previous years, which I presented in New York, as part of Dana Brain Awareness Week 2020 AD 2021. These projects are also based on the belief that brain science It is an opportunity for study, research, study and training in high school. A formative assignment that was very challenging and complex for me, but one that was highly humanistic and culturally satisfying, as well as for the opportunity to present and compare in high-level international contexts.

    During the international conference New perspectives in science education, held digitally due to the Covid emergency in March 2021, I linked and compared some aspects of the project with the goal of School Work Alternation (ASL), which today is designated by the acronym PCTO (Transversal Skills Pathways and Orientation)

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    Marina Minoli

    (rank of Biologist, Fellow and CsciTeach of the Royal Society of Biology in London)

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