Scientific and Innovative Subjects: Oliveville High School looks to the United States

    Scientific and Innovative Subjects: Oliveville High School looks to the United States

    Starting next year, STEM topics will be introduced: more science and technology on the model of the United States

    Olivelli Science High School has been revamped with STEM subjects: more US-style technology and science majors.

    Stem topics link to Olivelli

    From the next academic year 2023/24, Olivelli Science High School has become a science high school with an improved stemA training course is proposed Promote scientific disciplines Through innovative teaching.

    Yanbu It is an acronym that was born in the United States in the early 2000s to denote training courses Prefer and appreciate the study of scientific and technological disciplines. The development of science, technology, engineering and mathematics makes it possible to expand the curricular profile of an ordinary science high school by integrating disciplines Sciences (Sciences), technology (informatics), engineering (physics) e mathematics (Mathematics) Supported by language teaching English with a native language teacher.

    The only school with technology enhancement

    Olivelli High School, a private school in Pavia based in Viale Liberta, is currently a schoolUnique to Pavia to offer stem enhancement From the ordinary scientific high school.

    The new training offers new forward traditional alternative lessons Laboratory experiences, team work, and standardized methodologies – eg “flipped classes”, debates, open classes – for a Active learning, more motivating and rewardingin a context in which students are welcomed in their individuality, and prefer a Inclusive education The pursuit of a goal Motivate, intrigue, and get everyone involved.

    The Path with STEM Improvement will be active for all students enrolled in the first semesters of the next academic year and provides Short week – Lessons take place from Monday to Friday.

    advanced science education

    For our institute it is a The natural evolution of our training offer – explains Fabrizio Gasperoni– Principal of Olivelli High School. Thanks to a close-knit team of qualified teachers, as well as thanks to the prestigious cooperation with companies and institutes, inclUniversity of Pavia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in BostonWe have successfully developed one for several years Teaching is different from other schoolsStrongly oriented towards laboratory and group work experiences, and an interest in individual creativity and inclusion. With this new breakthrough we can offer families a Advanced scientific trainingIn line with the new teaching methodologies and with the new scenarios in the world of university research and the development of technologies.

    there Professor Silvia PalumboReferring to the strengthening of the stem of secondary school, he adds: “An attentive view of boys and their needs has given rise to the need to develop a different, more stimulating and capable education.” Have the disciplines interact with each other To describe phenomena and solve real-life problems, all supported by a more conscious use of technology. This was also possible thanks to a close-knit team of teachers who are able to collaborate and are driven by a passion for teaching their students.”

    New graphic design for the institute

    Along with the internship offer, high school It revamps its image with a new graphic look and logo Divided Graphic designer Marianne Kaufmann (Glifo/Echo), who explains: “The logo is made up of part text and part image—inspired by three-dimensional geometric elements. The figure shows an idea space and growth, but remains light and multifaceted at the same time. These are the basic concepts of the Olivelli High School Training Project.”

    Yesterday, Friday, March 10, high school It opened its doors to the public to introduce many new products. The meeting was attended by, among others, Bishop of Pavia Corrado Sanguinetti and theEducation Councilor of the Municipality of Pavia Alessandro Cantone.

    Also present were representatives of the main project partners: the National Center for Oncology Hazrat (Cnao), the Departments of Chemistry, Biology and Engineering of the University of Pavia, student travel organizer Viaggi di Tels, and psychologist Federica Papetti, who supervises the psychological well-being of secondary school students.

    A meal as a gift to those who need it most

    In conclusion, the partner Planeat Eco – environmentally sustainable and waste control association, supplier of meals to schools and companies – organized Hanging lunchParticipants had the opportunity to enjoy refreshments provided by the event organisation In return, donate a meal to those in dire need.

    Olivelli Science Secondary School has organized an open week aimed at families: from Monday 13th March to Friday 17th March teachers and pupils will animate Activity program and will be available for parents and children Interested in deepening their knowledge of the training pathway through improving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM).

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