School, after Cooper’s test in the gym, the boys feel bad: the alert is back

    School, after Cooper's test in the gym, the boys feel bad: the alert is back

    Reports of “illness” albeit mild after a physical education lesson at San Francisco School in Biella. “Monday morning we were called from school because our kids were feeling sick after a physical education lesson – a girl’s father explains -. I asked at home what happened and my daughter explained that after a particularly intense workout, the whole class felt more or less severe symptoms but the same for everyone, like “Nausea, sore throat, cough and headache. This version was then confirmed in class conversation. It is not clear whether the malaise was caused by excessive intensity of exercise or the possibility of volatile toxins in the gym.”

    The exercise referred to is none other than the Cooper Test: a test that has been used for years from middle school onwards to test endurance abilities largely on aerobic effort. After a sufficient warm-up of the muscles, to take the test, it is necessary to run for 12 minutes, at the end of which the distance traveled by the boy is measured. Based on it, gender and age, an assessment is made showing the level of sports preparation.

    On the issue of illness, the principal of the school, Monica Besso, intervenes: “We heard about these problems and immediately informed the families, but there is no need to worry. Listening to the boys, many admitted that they had exaggerated the test, and might have even exceeded their abilities. It is a test that has been in use for decades and obviously should be done according to your own feelings. Having said that, the boys are all fine and we rule out any toxic substances in the gym.”

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