SBK / SSP | After reviewing the sporting and technical regulations, the Pirelli SCQ tires will only be valid for Superpole and SP Race |

     SBK / SSP |  After reviewing the sporting and technical regulations, the Pirelli SCQ tires will only be valid for Superpole and SP Race |

    From this year, the super soft tires brought in by the Italian tire dealer will only be used for short sessions. It also reduced the number of tires available and half the days of testing.

    Today was not only the day of the SBK team performances, but the FIM also did its part to review some points of the sports and technical regulations of the Superbike Circus. today is Championship decisions, composed by Gregorio Lavella (Executive Director of Dorna Sports at SPK), Frank Weisy (Member of the FIA) and Beinci Perma (founders of MSMA); Some innovations have been developed through some meetings between February and March and the applicable choices will be effective immediately.

    First of all, in agreement with the manufacturers, there was a decrease in the half-day number of available tests by brand. The number is down to four, and in 2023, it will drop to two. It was also a decision to ensure additional hours of testing for the manufacturers lagging behind in the rankings, in the direction that MotoGP has already taken for several years with franchises reserved for brands that have not been able to get significant results (at the moment, in prototypes, only Aprilia).

    As in the World Championships, a review has been made of the use of some flags, specifically those that warn of dangers on the track (such as oil, gravel, other motorcycle debris, etc.; the red and yellow striped flag is used) and those intended to indicate the presence of wet sections ( White flag with a red cross of Saint Andrea).

    On a technical level, the most important news concerns some of the tougher restrictions in the past on the tire front. During weekends, each rider will have twenty-one sets of Pirelli tires at his disposal (ten front and 11 rear), but those that can be fitted at the same time in one session will be only thirteen (compared to fifteen last year).

    However, the new thickness is all about SCQ rubber, as the rear tire debuted in 2020 to handle the creation of the Sprint Race and give riders a heat-friendly replacement tire for only ten laps. However, within a few weekends some riders were able to use this compound even in full distance races, while others did not, mainly due to the differences in the bikes available.

    So the union decided to ban SCQ tires from shifts other than the Superpole or SP Race. It would be possible to still use the Pirelli SCQ in free practice, but during Race 1 and Race 2 we won’t see the riders making a similar choice.

    Some technical changes also affected the SSP, while the SSP300 was not affected at least by the latest version. The mid-range, as it is known, will see the debut of the next generation sports supercars from this year and the various testing days spent from the end of 2021 to March 2022 served Dorna and FIM to paint a picture of the technical differences between the old and the new.

    Compared to the published technical table last decemberThe assembled rider weight has been reduced by three kilograms from the 242 kilograms initially announced, with the exception of the Ducati and 955cc Panigale V2. The Twin was disadvantaged compared to its competitors and would have to undergo a minimum combined weight of 244kg (five more than its competitors), a minimum weight of 166kg (versus 161 for the others) and a reasonable maximum increase to 175. (vs 170 other bikes).

    Other marginal changes, here too, relate to the tire factor (fifteen are available on weekends with two races, only eight can be used together), but also the electronic factor with the implementation of downshift, the mandatory use of Panta fuel. Racing on all motorcycles and the maximum disc diameter, it is now limited to 320mm and is no longer compliant with OEM standards (that is, dictated by the OEM).

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