Home sport SBK, Bayliss: “Oils? I’m nervous like a normal dad”

SBK, Bayliss: “Oils? I’m nervous like a normal dad”

 SBK, Bayliss:

He is one of the most popular Superbike riders, and this year will see his son Ole make his official debut in the National Superbike Race. Troy Baylis, In an interview with worldsbk.com, he talked about his feelings about his son’s debut and reclaimed his Superbike career between debuts and big opponents.

“I’m nervous just like a normal dad, a feeling I’ve never felt before”

Dad’s heart Troy Baylis He talks about the start of his son Ole’s career and how his wife Kim reacted when Olly wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps. “Ole started when he was 11 or 12 and had already raced a little before entering the national championship.. When he started I bought him Metrakit and he started karting. Then we went to the racetrack for the first round of the tournament he was in: it was raining. My wife told Kim we should have watched it from the bridge. Oli was fourth or fifth, going very fast and crashing in front of us. Kim turned to me and said, “You better burn this stuff … than the action! But.” I now understand Olly wants to run and it seems to me that she’s getting used to it. I now have the same feelings I felt, and I could barely look at it. I’m just as nervous as a normal dad, a feeling I’ve never felt before.

Olly Bayless on Ducati at Aussie SBK

Then he adds: “There is always a basic plan behind a project H In 1998 when I went to the UK it was called Daryl Healy, the head of GSE Racing. Then he became my manager as well as a great friend too There is now a GSE sticker on the Oli bike because it supports our family. Oli raced for two years on a 600 cc SuperSport and last year finished second in the championship. Significantly I’ll worry when I see him in 2021 on a superbike but he has a lot of potential to become a professional rider. “

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“My arrival was a bit surprising.”

Troy Baylis He remembers his Superbike debut, which happened in 2000 to replace Carl Fogarty. “My arrival was a bit surprising but in the end that was the goal he wanted to reach. When Carl had this accident, I was driving really well after winning the 1999 British title and In 2000 I moved to America to race with Ducati Vance and Hines. I thought it would take a year or maybe another two before I hit WorldSBK. The first race scheduled for Soju was a disaster for me It also occurred on both occasions. I thought “I will never get a chance to run there again.” After crashing twice, I won’t be back at the ‘World Superbike’, Instead, things went differently and I had a good race at Monza; We made the deal and I stayed in the world championships. “

“So many challenges with Colin gave us a lot of overtaking.”

The Australian tells about the great competitions with Colin Edwards Before and with James Tosland Then. “Lots of challenges with Colin He gave us many transgressions. We both want to be one step ahead of each other Although we played it most of the time in the last two tournaments. The first race at Monza 2001 was really coolAfter amassing several podiums at the start of the year, a victory finally arrives, moreover in Monza. I am well known for the challenges I created with Colin but also with others; Frankie Shelley, Noriyuki Haga, Yukio Kagayama, Troy Corser, Neil Hodgson and James Tosland. What periods are and what is displayed in WorldSBK. “

SBK: Bayliss-Edwards 2000-2002, Competition and Respect

for him Tosland Then he says:I am I was riding a Ducati 999 and in 2006 we managed to win the title. In 2007 Japanese bicycles were getting faster and faster It was 999 at sunset. I pressed hard the whole time and would often squeeze onto the ledge like I was crashing in Donington Park. James then opened a good series of results And it bothered me that he won so much! Haga was like a dog with a bone Most of the time I was about half an inch from the rear wheel. Max Biaggi has always been very intense, especially back in 2008 when we were contestants at Ducati. So there were some good fights with him, too. ”

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Australia, UK and Italy are my favorite places.

Three times Superbike champion talks about the places the audience is heard the most. “Australia, the United Kingdom, and Italy, these are places where you can really hear the crowd. At Brands Hatch, people are noisy than the engineNot to forget Monza and Imola. In Imola and Monza there was something unique in that it seemed to run in the middle of a gardenWhich is also why it is different from other places. The atmosphere was crazy And it is very difficult to explain how beautiful she was. ”

Speaking of Italy and Imola, he says:I remember that in 2001 at Imola I already had the title in my pocketA large part of my family was present. Our bike is painted in Paul Smart Colors Since Imola Won 200. So I’ve been riding the 998 that presented its colors. In Race 1 I was the protagonist in a major accident with Regis Laconi and my weekend ended there!

Troy also talks about racing, Imola 2002:In 2002 in Imola, she took second place behind Colin ma People will never forget this race, it has entered the history books. It was a really great weekend for the championship A wonderful show for all fans. I think Ducati was more disappointed than me by the fact that I did not win the title But not only. I knew it was going to be tough on Imola Given that Honda has already run some tests down this track and has been ready to go quickly and compete from the start of the season. There have been times when I have tried to slow down a little But then Coleen had overdone me to pick up the pace again. On the final lap of Race 2 I got really scaredI knew it was going to be really hard. Coleen was basically carrying the World Championships in his pocket. ”

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Imola 2002, Edwards: “One of the races I’ll always remember”

“At the end of 2008 I was happy to retire.”

Troy Baylis He concludes with his talk of retirement at the end of 2008 and the return to Australia for a more normal life with his family. “At the end of 2008, I was happy to retire Although I was aware of how difficult it was. I thought I was ready to win and then decided to quit. Practically speaking, we are back home for the first time since 1998. For me, coming back and trying to live the “normal” life as before was a cultural shock. “

On returning to normal life he says:I miss the win and I miss the competition too; I turned 39 years old I still feel like I can keep going but I’ve had enough. Also for my family; At the time, Mitchell – my oldest son – was 14 and Abby was 12 We thought they had already spent a lot of time following me around the world and it was time to bring them home and give them a more normal life.. “

What happened to her: Troy Baylis

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