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Say goodbye to typos on your mobile phone: Google’s new feature is revolutionary

Say goodbye to typos on your mobile phone: Google’s new feature is revolutionary

Reset typos when we type on the phone: a dream that can come true with the new revolutionary functionality from Google.

The time wasted correcting typos can often be nerve wracking. And the reason for this lack of patience will already be there.

Goodbye typos on the phone
Soon thanks to Google we will be able to say goodbye once and for all to annoying typos in mobile – Grantennistoscana.it

Search 2022 by University of Maryland and Delaware Partnership Focused on pointless activities that cause office workers to waste time on their working days. Of these, one of the most important is undoubtedly having to debug typing, An activity that takes up an average of 20 minutes of an employee’s day. The figure in 45 years of work equates to a total of 180 days (or 6 months) spent correcting simple typing errors.

In English speaking countries, he explainsEconomist , Office workers misspell words like “Thanks” (Which doesn’t require anything to transform into thanks), “the” (which easily convert to theh), “You(Which is written as Yu) or “remember” (which becomes rAmpere). Typos of some of these words are so frequent that they can take away an entire day of work for office staff.

Typos: This is why we often get nervous

Considering that for Italian employees it will be practically the same, one can well understand that the time lost in correcting such errors is already wasted by many who do office work every day. If we add the Typing mistakes we inevitably make with our cell phones We better understand how to easily fill the classic scale. Hence the classic five minutes – seemingly unjustified nervousness – it can take when it comes to correcting yet another typo.

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Because typos are annoying
Correcting typos can make you the enemy of many – Grantennistoscana.it

It’s not really a mystery Typing errors are a major little bummer even for mobile usersMe (practically all of them, with occasional exceptions). It’s a very common problem that causes a little embarrassment to some, possibly due to an involuntary problem slip It always lurks when you hit the keys to type something.

The problem with write errors, as you might guess, is related to The small size of the small screens of our mobile devices. Although these have increased in recent years, it is very difficult – if not impossible – to predict them an offer From a cell phone of the same class comfort, While typing it is made possible by the computer keyboard.

This haste that fools us on our cell phones…

Thus, especially those that don’t see well or might have been equipped by Mother Nature with slightly larger branches than usual (the classic big hands should be obvious), Users often encounter typos that force them to waste time correcting them.

Touching the wrong letter can also be annoying. Especially when it comes to Repeat mistakes. In fact, the time available to us, as is often the case nowadays, is usually very short. Especially since, as we know, haste, in addition to being a bad advisor, also seems to have the ability to slide your fingers. Plus you get nervous about chain errors which definitely doesn’t help.

Google is entering the field with a new feature: no more typos?

To overcome this annoying inconvenience Google is developing a new system against typos. There is talk of a feature that, thanks to some linguistic and spatial models, will be able to predict the next most likely keys. It’s a patent that seems set to revolutionize the way we use our smartphones’ virtual keyboards.

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Google's new feature against typos
Thanks to a new Google feature, typos can soon disappear – Grantennistoscana.it

The ultimate goal of the new features that Google is considering is Eliminate typosWhich makes typing faster and more accurate. But let’s try to understand what the tech giant has in store for Mountain View to radically change the way we type on our mobile keyboards.

In practice, the new system designed by Google should be able to Predict which keys we are most likely to press. In order to eliminate typos. This is the new frontier of innovation from which the California Platform aims to improve the experience of its users.

How will Google’s new feature to reset misspellings work?

In particular, the linguistic model of reaching the desired goal”zero errors” It will analyze the frequency of tactile inputs by comparing the current position to one or more keys expected later on. All this while keeping in mind the language context and the user’s writing habits.

Anti-typo feature how it will work
Here’s how the new system works to avoid errors when typing on a mobile phone – Grantennistoscana.it

Then there is a file space modelwhich will be based on a heat map (heat map) to record the previous touch inputs by the smartphone user. In this way, it will formulate a prediction on the keys that we will interact with later. By comparing the effective mode of touching the keys that can be selected on the screen of the mobile phone, it should, in theory, result in a clear keystroke improvement, less affected by errors.

to improve writing quality, Google is also considering other changesLike a new keyboard layout. In particular, the position of the space bar should be changed, as additional space will be added around it. It is also thought to move the space bar slightly further from the other keys. the new design It should allow you to distinguish the spacebar more clearly from all the others.

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Finally, the new solution developed by Google will be cIt is constantly trained and updated based on usage habits. So the goal is to incrementally improve forecasting capabilities.

Is it enough to say goodbye to obnoxious typos on your mobile phone? We just have to wait and see.

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