“Save them now.” Alert for a boat with 400 migrants on board, but Lampedusa is on its last legs

    “Save them now.”  Alert for a boat with 400 migrants on board, but Lampedusa is on its last legs

    Another battleship in distress in the Mediterranean and again from Warning hair dryerThe advertisement arrives in Italian. Our control center is not directly involved in the rescue claim but the implication is clear. On the boat there will be approx 400 immigrants, as reported by NGOs. “We got a call during the night from a boat with about 400 people in distress that had set sail from Tobruk, Libya. We notified the authorities, but no rescue has been confirmed yet. Do not delay help by putting lives at risk: rescue now!“.

    As shown by the tracking map published by the NGO on its Twitter profile, the boat has been identified off the coast of Greece, between the Greek waters and the Sar Maltese waters, but given the direction it is not excluded that in a few hours it will cross the Italian intervention zone east of Sicily. The NGO also adopted this declaration Saving people in the Mediterraneanwho has a post in Italian urges: “About 400 people are at risk in the central Mediterranean. Last night the alarm phone received a distress call from a boat in distress leaving Tobruk, Libya. All authorities have been warned: aInstant process RescueIt was not specified which authorities were informed but the suspicion is that despite the lack of competence, phone calls were also made to the MRCC in Rome, given the precedents.

    Tobruk is a city in eastern Libya that overlooks the Mediterranean Sea exactly in front of an island Crete. However, the boat with all these people on board did not follow a perpendicular course, which would be the shortest way to land at the first nearest European port, even if it were sufficient to sail a few dozen miles eastward. to get in Egypt, a safe country for the United Nations. Apparently, given the place where it was intercepted, the boat followed a north-northwest route that took it to Italy, hundreds of kilometers away, not only from Crete, but also from its coast. Greek peninsula. All this while Lampedusa collapses again due to the arrival of those from Tunisia. Seventeen landings, totaling 679 people, were recorded within twenty-four hours in Lampedusa. The different groups that arrived yesterday stated that they departed from Sfax, Zarzis, Chebba, Jebeniana and Karkeneh and paid up to 4,000 dinars to be able to reach Italy. Guardia di Finanza, Capitaneria and Frontezx staff all day, even at night.

    If you sail towards Italy from any port in North Africa and pass Greece, even for departures from the East, as can be seen from the boats from Turkey, the problem is clearly your perception of our country. A perception resulting from years of government inaction by the left convinced immigrants to join forces The surrender of Italy in the face of irregular immigration.

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