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Sassuolo. Duomo to bid farewell to Sergio Sassi “Business and sport, his passion is missing”

  Sassuolo.  Duomo to bid farewell to Sergio Sassi

SASSUOLO emotion upon the arrival of the coffin became an applause when she went out to be transported to the cremation space.

So Sassuolo and the people of Sassuolo, not just them, welcomed Sergio Sassi for the last time, the ceramic businessman who died of terminal illness at the age of 63. The ceremony was attended by many entrepreneurs and colleagues from Sassi, starting with President of Confindustria Ceramica Giovanni Savorani, as well as General Manager Armando Cafiero; With them, too, is former president Vittorio Borelli.

Those who arrived early entered the cathedral, such as the engineer Franco Stephanie, a great friend of the deceased. Also among the seats are FIFA Secretary General Sassuolo Andrea Fabris, along with director Remo Morini, to attest to the company’s closeness to someone who has given so much in his life to green and black. In fact, it was Sassi who was the first to order Giorgio Squinzi’s entry and then buy the team.

Such a policy was the mayor Francesco Menani, parliamentarian Benedetta Fiorini, former Mayor Claudio Bestone, and many councilors and members of recent legislatures. Speaking of football, Fiorano was the other club Sergio Sassi spent himself in, also following his father Claudio from a sporting point of view. In the churchyard, which represents the company of red and white, was the president, Michel Icarus.

Memories arose among the entrepreneurs present about continuity between Claudio Sassi, who founded Emilceramica in 1960, and later became director of Assopiastrelle and vice president of Oscar Zannoni management. His son Sergio, chairman of the Trade Shows Committee and then president in the four-year period between 2001 and 2005. His main goal was to continue what his father had innovated, on an entrepreneurial level.

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Before the Marazzi group bought it in 2017, Emilceramica had a major expansion in both the United States, with many Italian brands building production plants, alone or in partnership, and in Ukraine, in addition to having distributors on all continents, the main centers are located In Los Angeles, where their son Luka also works, and in Hong Kong, where their daughter Gloria works.

One of his passions in his little spare time was tennis, which he used to sporting. To his final farewell, there were some club council members on Via Vandeli. Also in Sporting, he was active on the board of directors and strongly supported the various initiatives that went in the direction and development of the game of tennis. His perseverance also led to the club’s growth in both the quality of the players and the results also obtained at the absolute level, with the disagreement over the Italian League, male and female.

Comments on the disappearance also came from regular people. “On the level of entrepreneurship and sports, he was someone with commitment and very high scores – this is the unanimous response – plus someone who replaces him at Emilgroup, it is desirable that there should also be a replacement for Vice President of Sassuolo. We need people who put Sassi’s enthusiasm and dedication to work and sports. ”

Another strange detail. Since yesterday, at Salotto Regina in viale 20 setembre, “branded” Emilgroup ceramic mats made their debut.

Certainly a coincidence, to reopen the service, but also a sign of fate, which would have made Sassi smile, with a glass of fine wine in hand. After the family’s farewell ceremony, the body was taken to Modena for cremation. –

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