Sanremo 2023, no video of Zelenskiy. Amadeus will read your message

    Sanremo 2023, no video of Zelenskiy.  Amadeus will read your message

    resolved in Press conference to present the festival Dilemma on modalities related to the participation of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zielinski in San Remo 2023.

    Entertainment director Ray Stefano Coletta He made it clear at the press conference for the presentations that there will be no video message sent by the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky But there will be one of his texts that will be read by the conductor and artistic director of Amadeus Cremesy.

    Sanremo 2023, Zelensky will not send a video message but a text that will be read by Amadeus

    Stefano Coletta, Director of Entertainment Prime time rai explained that it was done yesterday with the collaborators of the ukrainian president Zelensky styled his intervention at the Sanremo Festival.

    We are in daily contact with Ambassador Jaroslav Melnik, Coletta said. We have come up with a definition of interference Yesterday, the Ukrainian President: He will not send a video, but a text that will be read on stage by Amadeus.

    in At first, the hypothesis spread about the possibility of a direct relationship with the Ukrainian president.

    Then we moved on to the premise announced in the preview by da Bruno Vespa on Domenica In Connection with the festival by Zelensky with his intervention in a recorded video. In order to also be able to display the message of the Ukrainian President from Rai.

    Sanremo 2023 Coletta also answered on preventive censorship

    Naturally Coletta during the press conference to present the 2023 Sanremo Festival He was also questioned about the possibility of pre-screening.

    “It is clear to me It’s hard to be able to censor the boss. We executives control before each program airs, but I smile at the idea of ​​a Rai director who can censor the bossAnd Coletta added again, answering a question on the topic of preventive control that has been discussed in recent days.

    We are not there yet knowledge Content, we will be more punctual over the next few days.”

    Sanremo 2023, Amadeus’s words on Zielinski’s intervention

    Then Amadeus stressed the same thing Zelensky did not say he was connected to the festival in person or via video. Amadeus said he learned through conversations with the ambassador that “Zelensky was pleased to write a letter and that I was the spokesperson on the Ariston stage“.

    Sanremo 2023, what time do you read the speech?

    there The reading of Zelensky’s speech, barring further changes taking place, should have taken place at the decisive moment of the event. That is, evening Saturday 11th February around 1.30 shortly before the winner was announced.

    “I will read it exactly as it arrives,” Amadeus added.We asked the ambassador to do the translation, so that we don’t“.

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