San Diego Comic-Con 2022: How to catch up on the action

    San Diego Comic-Con 2022: How to catch up on the action

    The annual US Entertainment Convention is back: Here’s how to keep up with the latest news announced during the event!

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    previously held Thursday 21st July to me Sunday 24 July The new version of San Diego Comic-Conthe annual comic book and multi-genre entertainment conference founded in 1970. Four days of ads From the world of movies, TV series and much more, to an event entirely dedicated to admirer.

    If you are wondering How to follow the event from homeyou are in the right place: in this article we have collected for you some tips that will help you keep up to date with all the news announced in Comic Con From San Diego.

    How to follow SDCC 2022

    The Comic Con From San Diego It is not streamed Therefore, it is not possible to follow the live broadcast from home. Although, it is possible that some will gush Team And put some tips into practice so you don’t miss out on all the news announced on your favorite titles.

    To help you follow better SDCC 2022Below, we have compiled some helpful tips for you.

    Follow the official San Diego Comic-Con channels

    The first way you can stay up to date on what’s going on San Diego Comic-Con It is undoubtedly that Follow the official channels of the event: From Facebook to me Instagram Passing through YouTube.

    To help you not to miss any of the channels social affiliate SDCC extension Here is the complete list:

    The official website of the event is instead comic-con.orgwhere it is also possible to refer to the program of the four days and the guests.

    Follow the hashtag #SDCC2022

    So far I am social networks It is undoubtedly the best way to stay up to date on various news and those of San Diego Comic-Con They are no exception. The official hashtag for the event is #SDCC2022Through which you will be able to comment on the latter and read news related to various news Team.

    Search the web for panels that are being broadcast

    Even if the event is not broadcasted, some Team (or moments thereof) can be watched from home. In fact, it is the individual production companies who choose how to share the news released during the event with the users, and some of them have decided to do so by broadcasting the event.

    between Team We can follow them directly from the house we find Question and Answer with the cast Lord of the Rings: Rings of Powerwhich was held in July 22nd on the twitch channel Prime Video Italy From 21:00 and so on marvel.

    The latter has one daily coverage It is broadcast on And on the official channels marvel. It is also possible to follow the event on social networks using the hashtag #MarvelSDCC.

    Follow the official channels of the titles you want to stay informed about

    Finally, the last piece of advice we want to give you Follow San Diego Comic Con from home It is to carefully refer to the official channels of your favorite titles and production companies during the days of the event. Without a doubt, over the four days of the event, the latter will participate with them social profiles Various advertisements made during Team In order to engage fans from all over the world!

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