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Samsung brings live and on-demand TV content, news, movies, TV series, entertainment, cartoons, sports, outdoor games and unmissable games to smartphones or tablets, thanks to the launch of TV Plus and Samsung O

Samsung brings live and on-demand TV content, news, movies, TV series, entertainment, cartoons, sports, outdoor games and unmissable games to smartphones or tablets, thanks to the launch of TV Plus and Samsung O

With over 46 channels, Samsung TV Plus delivers free content straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Introducing Samsung O, the new interactive news, gaming and streaming page, you’ll never miss a thing.

Samsung Electronics announced today that Samsung TV Plus, a leading app for smart TVs, will be launched on the Galaxy Store and Google Play Store for select Galaxy smartphones and tablets. The app will provide a select group of Galaxy users with instant access to 46 free channels No payment, registration or subscription required.

After the successful launch of the service on smartphones and tablets in the US, UK and Germany, it’s the turn of Samsung users in Italy.

The new standalone Samsung O app is the perfect destination to instantly immerse yourself in completely free premium content that responds to user requests and delivers specially curated entertainment, where customers can read breaking news, watch TV shows and play games for free and instant.

Samsung Plus TV

From June 30, Samsung Galaxy smartphone and tablet users will be able to access the TV channel’s live and on-demand content for free.[1], such as Vevo Pop, Clubbing TV, Fashion TV, Italian Fishing TV, Sportoutdoor TV, Motor 1 TV and Brindiamo! Secret Cinema, Bizzaro Movies, CG TV, Dark Matter Film and TV, Mondo TV Kids, Planeta Junior, Yamato Animation, Euronews Live, Bloomberg TV+, Teletubbies, Televisa Telenovelas and Cuore Ribelle. With different programs and channels in seven countries of the European Union, and thanks to the constant addition of new channels, there is content for all tastes.

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With Samsung TV Plus on your smartphone, you can customize what you watch and create a unique experience. Choose your favorite channels, set reminders, and organize your app to suit your needs, all while discovering channel recommendations and new releases always at your fingertips. The mobile application is designed exclusively for owners of Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets and will be available for instant download and access to completely free content for anyone with an internet connection.

Samsung O

Starting June 30, Samsung O will also launch the Watch tab in Italy. With a single click, users will be able to read news, play games and watch the best TV Plus programs right from the home screen. Samsung O will also offer a reference page where you can discover your new favorite game. Or, stay up-to-date with the latest news by reading articles specially curated according to your interests and news summaries. Samsung O brings all your everyday needs together on one accessible page.

Cristina Sala, Director of Business Development at Italy TV Plus, ESBO, commented: “The user and their needs are always at the heart of everything we do. The launch of Samsung TV Plus and Samsung O on smartphones and tablets in Italy will allow us to provide users with additional content, even when they are on the move and respond to every lifestyle. Users can enjoy entertainment flexibly, personalizing their viewing experience with TV Plus, update the latest news, watch various movies and TV series, diverse music, animation, sports, external channels, lifestyle and entertainment, dedicate themselves to gaming, and in the coming months you can also instantly listen to podcasts with Samsung O. These will ensure Applications users have free access to high-quality content, anytime, at home or on the go.”

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To download the Samsung TV Plus app, simply search and download it from the Galaxy Store or Google Play Store, to immerse yourself in hours upon hours of content for TV, movies, series, music, news, lifestyle, sports, outdoors and even entertainment for free. To access Samsung O, upgrade to R OS or on 2021 Samsung phone models, Samsung O is already loaded; Other users, including Bixby Home and Samsung Daily users, will be able to choose Samsung O from the Galaxy Store[2].

Learn more about TV Plus: https://www.samsung.com/it/tvs/smart-tv/samsung-tv-plus/

[1] Samsung TV Plus is currently only available on select devices and Galaxy devices in select countries

[2] Samsung O is available from P OS

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