Home World Salvini ally nominates Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize

Salvini ally nominates Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize

Salvini ally nominates Donald Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize

Donald Trump Among the nominees for the upcoming Nobel Peace Prize. The former President of the United States was appointed by the European Parliament Jack Madison, A member of the conservative Estonian People’s Party (Ekre), which sits in the group’s offices in Strasbourg Identity and democracy, Like a clique Matteo Salvini.


And, through a Facebook post, the politician spurred the decision by referring to the businessman as “the only US president in 30 years who has not started a war during his tenure.” In addition, Madison wrote on social media, “Under his leadership, there have been many peace agreements in the Middle East, which have contributed to peace and stability in the region,” referring to the normalization of diplomatic relations between Israel and the United States. The Arab Emirates .. Last year, the Norwegian Nobel Institute does not disclose the candidates, but usually the candidates are announced publicly. Explains the site of the institution Nominations can only be submitted by specific individuals, including Members of Parliament, Heads of State, and past award winners. “I am certainly not the only one to nominate this candidate, but as we know, the more candidates, the more likely he will succeed,” Madison explained, confirming that he submitted the application “exactly two hours” before the deadline. From January 31.


The conservative Akkar Party sparked a controversy when the then Minister of Interior, Mart HelmyA few weeks ago, he had put a tick Joe Biden As a “corrupt figure” and questioned the integrity of the US elections. In the past, an American president won the Nobel Peace Prize. Barack Obama He received the award in 2009 a few months into his first term.

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