Ryder Cup 2023 in Rome visits Madrid

    La Ryder Cup 2023 di Roma in visita a Madrid

    Rome, October 11. (askanews) – The Ryder Cup in Rome 2023 visits Madrid. After the celebrations of “The Year Left” and the conclusion of the Spanish Open, the iconic Challenge Cup between Europe and the United States arrived in the Iberian capital. Where it was a double date: first a visit to the Italian State School, in the name of FIG’s “Golf a Scuola” project, with 200 pupils who participated enthusiastically, giving smiles and drawing sketches. Next, an international themed event at the Palazzo de Amboage – guests of the Italian Ambassador Riccardo Gariglia – seat (since 1939) at the Italian Embassy in Madrid, with an exhibition that saw the Ryder Cup as a hero, was filmed in all the emblematic places of Rome. For the occasion, video messages have also arrived from Luke Donald and Eduardo Molinari, captain and deputy captain of the Old Continent respectively in the 2023 Ryder Cup, and from Guido Migliosi, among the Blues on the podium of next year’s Grand Challenge. .

    A special day under the slogan of friendship between Italy and Spain. Between sports and golf have common values. A journey between the past and the present. Because in 1997 Spain hosted the Ryder Cup for the first time on the European continent. With Team Europe, led by Severiano Ballesteros, who was at Real Club Valderrama in Sotogrande (where, moreover, from October 16 to 19, Estrella Dam NA Andalucía Masters, DP World Championship) the team overtook the United States by measure also thanks to Costantino exploited Roca, who is able to beat Tiger Woods in the singles.

    From Valderrama to Rome, and from Spain to Italy. Historic courses and pleas, for an inextricable bond between friendly nations. In a day that has an international flavor, in the context of true sports diplomacy.

    Participating in the events: Riccardo Gariglia, Ambassador of Italy in Madrid. Jose Luis Martinez Almeida Navasquez, Mayor of Madrid; Maria Amelia Lolli Getty, Vice President of the International Travelers Federation; Gian Paolo Montale, General Manager of the 2023 Ryder Cup Project; Marta Maestroni, Secretary General of FIG; Claudia Hernandez, Vice President of the Spanish Golf Federation, Jaime Salaveri Aguilar, President of the Professional Technical Committee of the Spanish Golf Federation and Vice President of the Spanish Football Federation.

    For Riccardo Gariglia, Italian Ambassador in Madrid: “It is no coincidence that the Ryder Cup is mentioned in the Italian PNRR, given its very high symbolic, informational and economic value. The friendship between Spain and Italy is also great in the sports field, and this day was proof of that.”

    “For FIG, it is an honor to have participated in the first sporting diplomatic event for the international promotion of the Ryder Cup. Meeting, thanks to the exceptional hospitality of Ambassador Ricardo Gariglia, who witnessed the Italian-Spanish Embassy, ​​the Italian Golf Federation and Real Federación Española De Golf create a bridge between Institutions and sports, charting a new course in golf.On this day, Italian golf was the absolute champion in a fantastic place like Madrid in the presence of Mayor Jose Luis Martinez Almeida Navasques.Maria Amelia Lolli Getty, MP Maria Amelia Lolli Getty, Vice President of FIG.

    “Thanks to this international institutional meeting, the Ryder Cup 2023 project has crossed national borders for an event of high standing that enhances proximity between Spain and Italy while promoting golf tourism in the foreground. The visit of the Italian Public School in Madrid also laid the foundations for the further development of the “Golf a Scuola” project. The 1997 Ryder Cup at Valderrama – the first edition outside of the UK – to the 2023 Europe-USA Challenge for the first time in history in Italy.FIG, following the Spanish example, aims to set a unique date that will not stop at the race, but will leave a tangible legacy with the passage of time. time in terms of growth in movement, inclusion and infrastructural interventions for the Territory”, Gian Paolo Montale, General Manager of the Ryder Cup 2023 project.

    “I am convinced that for Italian golf there will be a before and after as well as for Spain with the 1997 Ryder Cup in Valderrama which contributed to the dedication of a final golf in our country. The Ryder Cup is a unique event for the atmosphere it generates in the stands and for the wonderful relationship that develops between the fans and the players. Italy will be able to make the most of this date. The values ​​of golf will become part of the sporting culture of the Italian people,” concluded Claudia Hernandez, Vice President of Real Federación Española De Golf.
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