Russia Detains Wall Street Journal Reporter Ivan Gershkovitch: “He’s an American Spy”. Newspaper: “Very worried”

    Russia Detains Wall Street Journal Reporter Ivan Gershkovitch: “He’s an American Spy”.  Newspaper: “Very worried”

    He is accused of to spy And now he is locked in a Russian prison. the Wall Street Journal And “deeply concerned” about the fate of its correspondent Ivan Gershkovich Which, according to a Federation Homeland Security Services report (fsb) cited user interfacewas discontinued because “illegal activities” that was happening in the country. Journalist accredited to the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to spy to benefit from US governmentAlso, according to Russian intelligence, Gershkovich was picked up Information covered by “state secrets” on the activities of a company Russian military-industrial complex“.

    A spokeswoman for the Moscow Foreign Ministry also spoke about the matter, Maria Zakharovannouncing through his Telegram profile that “What a reporter Wall Street Journal to Yekaterinburg It has nothing to do with journalism. Unfortunately, this is not the first time that foreign correspondent status, journalist visa and accreditation have been used by foreigners in our country to cover activities that are not journalism“.

    Now the 32-year-old journalist is taking that risk 20 years in prison On the basis of Article 276 of the Penal Code specifically related to espionage crimes. Gershkovitch is a covering reporter RussiaL’Ukraine and the former soviet union For the American Financial Journal. His parents live in the United States but are originally from the former soviet union This is also why the reporter speaks Russian. before hiring in Wall Street Journal He worked at the agency afpfor publication in Russian in English Moscow Times and was a news assistant for the The New York Times.

    Photo: Ivan Gershkovitch’s Instagram profile

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