Rumor has it about a new third-person game, here are the details –

    Rumor has it about a new third-person game, here are the details -

    A new rumor is spreading across 4chan, Reddit, and ResetEra dedicated to Resident Evil Apocalypse (codename), Capcom’s potential new game that – unlike previous chapters – will be in the third-person mode. Let’s see all the details.

    As indicated, Resident Evil Apocalypse will be scheduled in 2024. It will be a third person game, unlike 7 and Village, will also include an “innovative partner system” that will accompany the character we control. It will still be an entirely single player game.

    Resident Evil Apocalypse uniribbe le ambiance From Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil Outbreak. The place will be a ghost town and one of the game’s themes will be linked to the search for a traitor within the cast of characters, with a “trust system” aimed at finding biological weapons. The game’s creatures will include wendigo and goatman, while the atmosphere recalls the primal fear of the unknown and the horror typical of the darkest forests.

    Resident Evil Apocalypse will still be in the early stages of development and some testers will be analyzing some of the new game systems. As always remember we are talking about a rumor and it could be wrong.

    dusk, aka AestheticGamer, is known for leaking Resident Evil and has had his say in the rumors. Dusk says what he’s reporting is different from what he learned about Resident Evil 9 years ago. In this case, the possibilities are varied: Capcom’s projects have changed over the years, or Resident Evil Apocalypse is a separate project from 9. Of course, there’s always the possibility that the leak is 100% fake.

    At the moment, we can only take note of what is being reported online: it will likely take some time before we can get official confirmations or denials.

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