Rugby: Hayward away from Treviso in July “I’m back in Australia” – Veneto

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    Extreme family problems will not renew the contract

    (ANSA) – Treviso, April 22 – Jayden Hayward, a radical from Treviso Benetton whose contract expires on June 30, has decided not to renew and leave the Venice club at the end of the season, to return to Australia. Born in 1987, the New Zealander by birth, arrived in Treviso in 2014 and has so far wore a Treviso shirt 121 times, scoring 303 points and making himself a symbol of Benetton Rugby’s recent history.

    “At the end of the season I’ll be back in Australia. It was a very difficult decision for me -” says Hayward, who wore the Italy shirt equally – but I felt it was necessary.

    After the 2020 Six Nations Championship, I gave up International Rugby due to my son’s health problems.

    Although most of these issues are currently overcome, we have determined that the Australian lifestyle would be more appropriate for my son, who has autism and ADHD. My family has sacrificed a lot for me over the years so that I can pursue my dream and now it’s time to put them first. In these seven years, I hope to have made my mark on Benetton and have contributed to the growth of the club. I feel I gave 100% and will forever be happy to be part of this team. My favorite memories of these years are definitely entering the field with my son Noah on the occasion of my 100th match with Benetton, which was decorated with a victory in front of the full and lively Monego Stadium. ”(ANSA).

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