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Rookie Galen Hortes continues to fuel the Philadelphia Eagles attack, albeit in a losing bid

Rookie Galen Hortes continues to fuel the Philadelphia Eagles attack, albeit in a losing bid

The quarterback drama intensified in Philadelphia on Sunday.

Not seasoned Galen Horts He made a strong case for why he continued as a beginner in the Philadelphia Eagles, as he threw three touchdowns and ran to get another in a wild 33-26 loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Hurts finished off 24 to 44 for 338 yards and darted 63 yards in a return attempt that didn’t shorten the road.

The offer came the same day it became clear Carson Wentz Not interested in wandering around Philadelphia if he stays back up. Sources told ESPN’s Adam Shifter that Wentz is unhappy with the way events in the organization have unfolded and wants to move on from the Eagles if the current situation continues, adding another pressure point to the quarterback position that promises to dominate the off-season.

“Carson did everything we asked him to do. He’s a professional. He is involved and helping Galen,” said coach Doug Pederson. “I get it and I understand it’s a frustrating situation for him, but at the same time I see him helping Galen and helping our attack.”

The Eagles is financially committed to Wentz after being granted a four-year extension of $ 128 million in the summer of 2019. They would face a maximum hit of about $ 60 million if they cut him and they would receive more than $ 30. Million in trade.

But Hurts is expected to initially continue for the remainder of the season, and if his strong play continues, it will be difficult for management to return the keys to Wentz for 2021 without asking any questions.

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Hurts became the first Eagle to perform three touchdowns and pass a fast score since then Nick Falls In 2013. He caught fire in the second quarter, as he threw three passes to score to help clear up a 16-0 lead and make the Eagles within six in the first half.

The score tied with a quick 7-yard drop late in the third quarter, but the Eagles (4-9-1) were unable to close the deal in the fourth despite knocking on the door several times, including at the end of a game when a pair of attempts fell Peace be upon you, Mary in the end area incomplete.

“I didn’t care much about hearing any of the little things, second-start things, start-ups, we have a standard that we want to play with,” Hortes said. “Personally, I have a level that I want to play at and we just have to find a way to get it.”

Hurts threw five touchdown passes in one interception and sprinted 198 yards and scored a goal in more than two games since taking over as coach of Wentz, who struggled during his first 12 games of the season. He is the first player in NFL history with 500 passing yards and 150 yards in his first two runs, according to research by Elias Sports Bureau.

“I thought he had great balance, great driving, strong physical play, and mentally strong,” Pederson said. Be painful. “He’s doing a good job. I would say there’s still room to grow clearly, just learning the details of our game, he can get better there, but he gave us a chance to win today.”

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If Philadelphia chooses to move from Wentz, it must act by the second day of the league year 2021 because his base salary of $ 22 million for 2022 is fully guaranteed and his 2021 bonus of $ 10 million is paid on the third day of the league year.

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