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Roberto Baggio and the World Cup: “I’ll always take the penalty kick with me against Brazil” – sport

Roberto Baggio and the World Cup: “I'll always take the penalty kick with me against Brazil” - sport

Wrong penalty kick against Brazil I’ll hold him inside forever. It was I dream about my football life Meanwhile, there’s something, as it turns out, that I can’t put aside. Why don’t they say anything to Baresi and Masaru? Suppose I deal the fatal blow. I lived it very badlyBecause after I dreamed millions of nights to fulfill this dream, I did not succeed. “ Roberto Baggio He returns to talk about a missed penalty in the 1994 World Cup Final against Brazil, on the occasion of an introduction Documentary on Netflix, “Il Divin Codino” Released May 26. Sometimes you look at the last aspect, but I have discovered in life that what you do on the journey you take to reach the goal is worth more than the result. Knowing that you have given everything you can to try to achieve your goal: This is the important thing to me, the philosophy that accompanied me Always, previous Ballon d’Or words.

The movie “Divin Codino” lands on Netflix

“What convinced me to make a movie about myself? If we were here today, it is largely due to Vittorio Petroni. I was thinking but who cares about my life and my story … convinced me, I will not get it. I never made my choice. When we talked about it, I felt Ashamed, then drifted away, and what I’ve lived so far was worth it and I thank him – Baggio explained -. To me, it was “Il Divin Codino” great experience. My wife and I tried to provide as much support as possible. I have been on the shoot several times and have been happy to participate as much as possible. Then One day I got the golden ball. I have had exciting moments, ”the former footballer said, regarding his life and the many injuries:“ When I got close to an important result, the last stage of the track became really difficult. It’s a kind of my own karma: Every time I was close to achieving something I wanted to do Fight to get it. Then with Buddhism I learned to accept this. Today I’m doing it more quietly. “

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the message

“I hope this movie helps my life Who has problems with parents To call them – Baggio’s wish. Initially I saw my father as an enemy But it was a basis of never giving up, which I’m so grateful to. Sometimes we do not understand the love and protection of our parents, they become our enemies, and over time this knot will untie. Many people I know have experienced and are still struggling with relationship problems with their parents, and I hope they will meet. “

Recognition and relationship with previous teams

Then Roberto Baggio admitted he would “Anything to get back to playingBut my knees don’t follow, and I always give up on this idea. “Children today?”It is unpleasant to make comparisons, Each has its own characteristics. There are excellent players who have the confidence to highlight their qualities. Now I live football from the outside and I won’t know how to judge how today’s kids live in sports. ”As for the relationship with his former teams, Baggio explained,“ In the movie, an important part of my career had to be cut, but for me they were like that. Important for all the teams I’ve played in. I have not forgotten the affection I received. ” Then he focused on his relationship with Florence, adding: “I arrived in Florence in 1985 and hadn’t played for two years due to injury. But people waited and loved me. It’s something I have never forgotten. I will always be grateful to all the fans who loved me and made many beautiful gestures towards me, it was Bending over to take the purple scarf is just an act to thank the city and the fans. ” In the course of the documentary, three stages of Baggio’s career are explored, plus Fiorentina National and Brescia too: “It was three very important chapters in my life, but I don’t want to forget the other teams that I had the honor and pleasure to play with.”

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A Curl Tale

“Curl was born for fun. It happened during the World Cup in the United States. In this hotel there was a Black maid with gorgeous pigtails. One day she praised her and said, “Why don’t you make it too?” Two hours later, I made my braids. Then to prevent them from hitting, I tied them with an elastic band. A hairstyle that I loved immediately and that has accompanied me over the years. ”

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