Road Code, Rudeness Behind the Wheel Expensive I’m fine if they hear you

    Road Code, Rudeness Behind the Wheel Expensive I’m fine if they hear you
    Autopilot (ok-motorzoom)
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    Respect for the rules set forth in the Highway Code is, in principle, devoted to the safety of oneself and the safety of others and to the respect of anyone using the road: as well as passing education.

    More often than we can imagine And making sure, every day, while on the road in any vehicle, that there are cases Rudeness Unfortunately, it is fixed street.

    Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks: Whatever vehicle you drive, on the road you risk getting involved not only in dangers or accidents, but also in adjectives And more or less offended Renaissance. And who does and who risk?

    The focal point was and remains the same: what is the boundary between tolerance levels Often exaggerated Poor education My behavior in the street and what does the law allow or not?

    the code, To tell the truth, it predicts how inappropriate behavior can be paid in terms of education terms fine. but when? In particular we are talking about insults.

    Insults in the car: what is the crime today?

    It may be insulting to the mentor because road clutter, From traffic, the nervous system, as we see in everyday life, is too much exercise frequent And very forgiving. But do the fines really exist?

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    Let’s start from the hard truth: up until some time ago there was a possibility that you might end up in prison In case of insult: a crime of insult fitness And pride from some.

    There was the danger of a semester in prison and fine For more than five hundred euros, but that’s all for now non-criminal, Which means that the offense of insult turned into a crime civil.

    So, you are not proceeding criminally but based on the most road inside civil to claim damages. As for the penalties? It is expected that there will be a level depending from insult.

    Humiliation in the car: what are the risks?

    We go from fines One hundred euros until Eight thousands depending on the situation. After all, as often happens, the insult is on the street subscriber: In this case the judge can choose not to apply any fine.


    And if the answer is yes to threaten? The line is very thin, moreover, if one continues to prove that in addition to insulting someone, they really threatened them, the fine can Exit beyondAnd a thousand euros.

    However, even in this case, it would be necessary to prove the absence of reciprocity. The key element is understood: He behaves Good, politely And don’t fall for provocations, it’s really the only wise thing to always do.

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