Rivetti: “Modina is amazing in the Super Cup. For B, we are going to reinforce an already difficult group”

     Rivetti: “Modina is amazing in the Super Cup.  For B, we are going to reinforce an already difficult group

    After the victory in Bolzano and the end of the season, the president of the Canary Islands looks to the future

    Bolzano. Modena catcher also wins the Enthusiast e . Championship Carlo Rivetti Raise another cup. “There are two things: I have great luck or this is an infinite range and I am especially good at predictions. I am happy with this new success, which is also partly unexpected. I was so scared of this match, because we were coming from a week of big celebrations and because South Tyrol They are a very strong team that conceded only 9 goals in the entire tournament. We were also able to immerse ourselves perfectly in this comparison, making an excellent impression and getting the classic icing on the cake. I’m a really excited boss, in the first year I was able to win two awards straight away, but this was possible thanks to the company and Collection of exceptional men. Now we’ll have to look forward – Rivetti explained – but I know we can think on solid grounds. This is a really strong group, a reliable and high-quality backbone that we will try to improve and enrich.”

    Then Rivetti briefly focused on the opponent: “In the second half we came out really well and I think the win was deserved. It was a lovely party and I have a South Tyrol to thank; Here in Bolzano we were given a wonderful welcome, in the morning we visited their sports center from which there is a lot to learn. It would be very good to find them from opponents in B . seriesI will go to the square at their party and have a beer with them.” The final thought is a starring movie: “As the season goes on, I’m convinced that in the States they’re going to make a movie because it was amazing. For me, such a direction and such great joy could not have been imagined. Our fans were also great in this last match.”

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