Home entertainment Rita Ora and the past in the orphanage: a painful childhood

Rita Ora and the past in the orphanage: a painful childhood

Rita Ora and the past in the orphanage: a painful childhood

The wonderful British singer Rita Ora has a very difficult childhood behind her: her parents left their native country and faced many difficulties.

Rita past now
The difficult past of Rita Ora (Getty Images)

Blonde, beautiful and very talented Today Rita Ora He is a pop star known and appreciated all over the world. Discovered by rapper Jay-Z years ago, she took her first steps in the music world since she was young, when He greeted the customers of his father’s pub in London with very popular wrappers. As soon as he reached adulthood, he realized that his dream was to work in a worldentertainmentContrary to the advice of her parents who wanted her to pursue a university career, He decided to pursue his dreams.

Today in addition to being one of the most important British singers She is also a great actress and fashion icon. On the red carpet, she always wore a very special look sought afterShe always grabs the public’s attention with her glamorous accessories and her way out of the ordinary. If today he had everything he always wanted, In the past, however, he had to face various difficulties.

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Rita Ora on her difficult past: “We were refugees”

Rita past now
Rita Ora (Getty Images)

Everyone may not know but a singer let you love me It’s not from the UK but from Kosovo. When I was born, the country was going through a deep crisis and the singer’s parents decided to emigrate He searches for his fortune in London. However, when we got to the heart of England, things went very poorly: The girls were taken from the parents and taken to an orphanage. The singer talked about it in her autobiography hot now.

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Rita was only a year old when she arrived with her parents and older sister Elena in London. “Right after our arrivalHe says in the book, “My sister and I were sent to the daycare, why Our parents were refugees and so are we“. The singer explains that when she was young she was not aware of all the sacrifices her parents made, but over time she realized everything they had done for her and her sister.I think my parents are the strongest I’ve ever met” he wrote. “They managed to rebuild life When they have nothing left.

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