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Riftbreaker has a release date, available on Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass – Nerd4.life

Riftbreaker has a release date, available on Day 1 on Xbox Game Pass - Nerd4.life

rift It’s one of the most interesting games on the indie wave of ID@Xbox, and it’s set to run this late summer through late fall, so it’s interesting to know that it’s Exit date, which also corresponds to the launch in Xbox Game PassThe game will be available at launch in the Microsoft catalog of services.

So Riftbreaker will be available from October 14, 2021 On Xbox Series X | S and PC, an action RPG with strategy and survival elements that plunges us into human colonization of alien planets, with all that could entail, any different problems to solve, resources to manage, threats to thwart and a variety of exploration.

The game will benefit from technology AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution On PC and Xbox Series X | S, is able to improve performance while maintaining good optical quality. The goal is 4K at 60 frames per second, with the latter being more steadily supported by this solution.

in a country side In The Riftbreaker, we find ourselves playing Captain Ashley S. Nowak, who has been sent through a portal on Galatea 37, an alien world on the edge of the Milky Way, with the goal of preparing the planet for human colonization. So it is a question of creating infrastructures and buildings ready for human access and making the planet livable, including the collection and transformation of resources, energy production and various factories.

In addition to construction, it is necessary to move forward with exploration, to counteract alien threats and discover new resources and even alien technologies, in order to make the most of the surrounding environment and make it as safe as possible. As it was already announced some time ago, D1’s Riftbreaker will be included on Xbox Game Pass for PC and Xbox.

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