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Rewind Oregon Ducks 31-24 victory over USC Trojans in a Pac-12 tournament game

Rewind Oregon Ducks 31-24 victory over USC Trojans in a Pac-12 tournament game

Los Angeles – We live from the LA Memorial Coliseum where Oregon Ducks defeated the 13th seed USC Trojans in a Pac-12 championship match.

The ducks were a three-point subduer

Here are live updates from the game today.

Final: OREGON 31, USC 24

Incomplete, close to the cyst. 20 Yards to Bru McCoy. McCoy reaches the midfield. Incomplete pass.

Anthony Brown runs against 9. Cyrus darling-Likio gets first place. Habibi-Likio runs for 1. Brown loses 5 and fumbles, Habibi-Likio recovers. 1:19 to go. Habibi-Likio can’t turn around, Oregon faces 4th and 13th places 30 seconds before the match and the two teams have used all their time now. Tom Snee punt is a 32-yard cross-line flight penalties for holding the USC. Trojan Ball in possession of 20

Markese Stepp loses 1. An incomplete pass. Complete 12 Yards for Tyler Fons. Deep Unfinished Pro McCoy. Pass to Vaughns for 12 back to UO 40. Pass Stephen Carr for 2 minutes. Jamal Hill nearly intercepted him, revised and turned over to intercept at UO 31 with 2:47 to go.

– Oregon start his own goal 13 after the penalty kick with Exit 6:16. Travis’s dye works for 1. Tyler Shugg works without profit. Shough was ample to run but threw and was struck unfinished. Tom Sunny’s kick and return lose 2 to use 37

– Corridor for 7. Markese ran a Stepp for 1. Shook Kayvon Thibodeaux, he got out into the injury tent and seemed to favor his neck. Stepp works for 2 and first down. Steppe recovers from a 1-time stumble. Deep, incomplete pass for Frake London and Jamal Hill in coverage. Broken pass. Fourth and ninth are at UO 49 and Kedon Slovis finds Bru McCoy for 28. Pass to Stephen Carr for 12 to UO 8. Carr runs for 2, 2 more. Mikael Wright almost intercepted Slovis. Slovis 4-yard drop to McCoy. Oregon 31, USC 24 6:16

– Travis Day runs for 5. Pont. Talanoa Hovanga crushes Tom Sunny and is called to roughly shoot the balls and fall first. Tyler Shough works for 4. Sean Dollars reverses the field and earns 15. Cyrus Habibi-Likio vs. 1. Scramble for 2. Oregon timeout with 11:17. Dye L 2. Henry Cutleman makes a 40-yard field goal. Oregon 31, USC 17 10:26

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End of third quarter: OREGON 28, USC 17

– Tyler Shough runs for 9. Cyrus Habibi-Likio runs for 2. Incomplete Swing Pass for Shawn Dollars. Dollars work for 3.

USC regains a kick on the side with ease. Oregon only had one player in the area and Pro McCoy fell in their place. Incomplete permit for Amon-Ra St. Brown. incomplete. Kayvon Thibodeaux sack. Pont for toucback.

– Stephen Carr runs for 1. Incomplete. Incomplete but passes the intervention on Decommore Lenoir giving USC first down. Kedon Slovis suspends and gets an 8-yard death. Quick pass to Amon-Ra St. Brown for 7 years and first down to midfield. Scroll to Drake London over the middle for 17. Scroll to St. Brown and transfers the ball face mask to UO 17. Markese Stepp for 5, 8 and no profit. USC timeout with 2:49 to go. Unfinished pass, huge breakup by DJ James. Parker Lewis hits 21 yards. Oreogn 28, USC 17 2:28.

– Travis Dye works for 4 and 2. Penalty for personal wrongdoing on the USC. Tyler Shugg was fired, and lost 7. A 15-yard pass to Gaylon Reed. Anthony Brown turns over to Cyrus Habibi-Likio for 1. Fourth of an inch, Anthony Brown holds up and flips over to DJ Johnson for 11 yards and then gets down first. Oregon timeout. Shawn Dollars runs for 5 and 5. Cyrus Habibi-Likio loses 1. Tyler Shouf dodges the blow and the assured shotbag and runs for 6. Quick pass to Johnny Johnson III 23 yards. Anthony Brown keeps and goes without profit. Brown’s pass tilted and was almost intercepted. A 4-yard drop pass to Dye. Oregon 28, USC 14 7:40 – Oregon’s longest season trip in plays (14) and time has passed.

First half: OREGON 21, USC 14

Pass to Drake London for 8. Incomplete Pass. An incomplete pass with a penalty shootout for the third and second opponents. Wrong start. incomplete. Parker Lewis misses on the right goal, 41 yards.

– Play-Action pass to Hunter Kampmoyer loses 1. The Tyler Shough is designed to run for 3. Travis Dye works for 9 then dips first. Sean Dollars for 8 and 1. Anthony Brown came back to hand him over to his darling Cyrus-Likio and got off first. Throwing Tyler Shough over the middle was intercepted by Kana’i Mauga and returned to UO 26 with 0:35 in half.

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– No. 5 QB Cale Millen with blockbuster starting coverage. Kedon Slovis pass 11 yards to Mru McCoy. Stephen Carr runs for 5. Pass to Drake London for 7, Nick Beckett moves the unnecessary roughness another 15 yards to UO 42. Swipe 2. Swipe for 5. Slowice to London versus 11 in fourth and third. Oregon is experiencing impulsive forces of stampede and incompleteness. Stephen Carr to 4. Pass big diversion from Slovis to London again, SC to UO 11. Pass to Gary Bryant Jr. To Markese Stepp landing track 1 yard. Oregon 21, USC 14 4:35

– Travis caught Dye for 11 and then ran for 3. Tyler Shough to Mycah Pittman for 11. Oregon timeout at USC 16. Tyler Shough 16-yard lane to DJ Johnson. Oregon 21, USC 7 9:45

– Markese Stepp runs for 2. Incomplete Pass. Brandon Dorless bag. Punt for 38 in an area near Jared Greenfield, Oregon takes charge of USC 41.

– Tyler Shouf feels and is recovering from four losses. Penalties equalize wipe off a 4-yard pass. Shough scramble to get 4. Punt to USC 8.

First quarter end: OREGON 14, USC 7

– Sean Dullars running for 15. Mycah Pittman ends with 7.

A 26-yard pass but an illegal blind block moves it back 15 yards. Amon Ra St. Brown gains 6 in the air. Stephen Carr runs for 6 and lands first. Run for 5. Kedon Slovis continues to play alive to pass the 12 yards to St. Brown. St Brown’s operations in the 47-yard landing, Diodore Lenoir fell into coverage. Oregon 14, USC 7 0:50

– Travis Day ran to 4. Deep Tyler Shug’s shot by Devon Williams was incomplete. An incomplete pass is cut for CJ Johnson upon contact over center. Pont.

– Stephen Carr sprinting against 1. Kedon Slovis to Drake London for 10 then a 15-yard penalty kick on Mykael Wright for unnecessary roughness that takes her to midfield. Carr vs. 2. Slovis vs. 6. Carr vs. 1. The fourth inch: Kayvon Thibodeaux blows the race to lose and Ducks takes on task 46 alone.

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– Travis Dye spans 4 then 14 yards. Tyler Shough Pass 14 yards to Hunter Kampmoyer. Oregon 14, USC 0 7:14.

– Kedon Slovis pass for 8. Markese Stepp ran 1, then 4 down first. Stepp for 2. Slovis Blocked Jamal Hill.

– Tyler Shuff passes to Travis Day for 2. Shugh is sacked by Talanoa Hovanga for a loss of seven. Incomplete pass. Bunt, USC 5-goal starting after a penalty kick.

– USC Stephen Carr runs for 5. Incomplete pass. Carr for six. Andrew Folio sacks Kedon Slovis for losing 11. USC timeout ahead of 4th and 23rd. Punt.

– Oregon exits in a blank 4 × 1 formation with an incomplete screen pass. Travis Day runs for 7. Anthony Brown comes over and flips a two-yard pass to Gaylon Reed for the drop. Oregon 7, USC 0 13:49

– Ducks come out in the dime and impose a succession of incompleteness then interceptions by Diodorus Lenoir plus a face mask that moves the ball to USC 9.

Oregon wins with deferment and delay The ducks will kick to the western tip area.

Before the match

RB CJ Verdelll Out With what is believed to be a hand injury

– Steve Stephens IV discontinued backup integrity

– T.E. Spencer Webb is dressed, but Cam McCormick has not traveled

– Steve Stephens IV doesn’t seem to be here

– CB Dontae Manning is out again

– SLB Adrian Jackson Jr. is not here

– ILB MJ Cunningham is not here

– W.R. Bryan Addison wears # 25

– S Jared “JJ” Greenfield traveled

– QB Jay Butterfield traveled that he never traveled to Cal

OC Jonathan Dennis returned with a second-team match, never traveled to Cal

How to watch

when: 5 m

TV channel: Fox

radio: 1080 “The Fan” in Portland, KUGN-AM 590 in Eugene

How to watch live broadcasts on the Internet: Fox Sports Go

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