Revenue Agency opens on some interior facades

    Revenue Agency opens on some interior facades

    The revenue agency every now and then makes a nice surprise.

    We all know the bonus is one of the really basic rewards in the work of restarting the economy that the government has put in place. After the Mammoth Superbonus 110%, the bounty of facades is surely what Italians love most, says an old ad. However, the bonus face has been a bit disappointing lately. First of all, it drops from 90% to 60% smaller and this certainly did not satisfy the construction sector. But above all, the most limiting thing about the superior facade bonus is that it is limited to the exterior facades of the building. However, a new clarification from the revenue agency changes the cards on the table. Let’s say right away that from next year the reward for interfaces becomes less attractive because, in fact, it will increase from 90 to 60% even if last minute fluctuations are not excluded. In fact, many political parties are pushing for 90% survival.

    positive news

    After all, this bonus is really fundamental to the construction sector e As we know very well that this sector suffers greatly from inflation and high prices of raw materials, So leaving the forward bonus at 90% would be a really good thing. M.At least some good news is coming from the tax office. The Revenue Agency invalidates the old certainty that only a facade that is visible from the street can take advantage of the bonus. With a new, last-minute clarification, the Revenue Agency expands the concept of facade vision. So to take advantage of the interface bonus, the interface must be visible but Not necessarily from the street The important thing is that it is In the summary visible from the outside.

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    For example: if it is visible from a rail, it is enough to consider it an external interface and take advantage of the bonus.

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    A nice last-minute surprise conceptually expands the applicability limits of this core bonus.

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